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Gathering the Tribe


This weekend I sent forth an urgent call to all those I know in the Oshkosh and surrounding area who I know are here to help heal and change the world.  We will be gathering this evening in openness, reflection and prayer, seeking guidance for how we can best support the birth of the new world as the old world collapses around us.

  • The time for hiding is over.
  • The time of formation has come to an end.
  • The time for collective action is now.

Soon our world will be grasping for breath and will need our support.

  • They will need our support as they grieve the loss of the dying world.
  • They will need our support in seeking out tools for navigating the fears of a changing and dying world.
  • They will need support in knowing who they are and how they are called to respond to these changes and what their role might be in supporting the birth of the new world.

Most of all, they will need to know that there is something to hope for and that in this hope, they are not alone!

I’m inviting you to join us at 6:30 (CST) tonight in virtual support and prayer, and if you feel so-called, to gather your own local (or virtual) tribe around a similar intention.  If you are reading this blog, THIS IS WHY YOU ARE HERE and what you came here to do.  And….the time for your contribution and gifts is NOW!

Thank you.

Lauri Ann Lumby

(For more, read my Saturday blog, “I Know Why I’m Here”)




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