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The Trump Victory from a Higher Perspective

50% of those who voted are celebrating the Trump victory. 50% are shocked, angry, hurt and afraid.  And 1/3 of those who have voted in the past, and who did not vote in this election might be looking for ways to seek asylum in Canada or the UK.

On Wednesday, as one who voted for Hillary (while wishing I was casting my vote for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren), I was shocked, but certainly not scared. With the exception of a blinding empath migraine caused by the emotional state of the world as they reacted (positively or negatively) to the Trump victory, I was at peace, knowing that this may be EXACTLY what we need as a country (and a world) to bring forth the long-awaited change that we sooooo desperately need.

Yesterday, while visiting Stephanie Azaria’s website ( and reading her response to the Trump victory, I felt the following awareness come through me and shared it with Stephanie who then shared it with her readers:

“Stephanie, an awareness comes to me as I read today’s report.  Those that voted for Trump did so because this was their “cosmic duty.”  It was their job to support the bringing forth of the shadow so as to bring forth a greater light.  Before, I was tempted to demonize (or at the very least struggle to understand) those who chose Trump as their candidate.  And yet, one of my dear students…one who is awake and discerning, conscious and full of light revealed to me she voted for Trump and why.  She named all the things she hates about him and his campaign, but then explained why she chose him.  In short, her answer was the same as others I know who voted for him, “He might actually help to bring forth something new.”  So, now I’m swallowing my temptation to judge and seeing from a higher perspective, I understand that those who voted for Trump did what they came here to do….bring forth the shadow so as to bring forth the light.”

Regardless of our opinion or thoughts about Donald Trump, I believe we can all agree on one thing: our culture and our world are in desperate need of change and sometimes desperate need calls for desperate measures. The status quo or business as usual (represented by career politicians) simply will not do.  Something new has to come forth.   As my mother says, “The kitchen has to get dirtier before it can get clean,” I expect the same will be true of this presidency.

For those (me included) who did not choose Donald Trump as president, on a much higher level, perhaps this is EXACTLY what we need. Will he bring forth positive change?  Maybe.  Might his presidency be the cause of a complete societal collapse?  Perhaps.  Either way, I believe we can expect great change in the next four years, change, that quite frankly, I have been waiting a lifetime to see, and change I have waited a lifetime to help bring forth.

Yes, our world might have to get a little messy before we get to that new and clean world, this is where it begins and the way for all of us to make it through this change is LOVE. Love will help us be at peace with the messy. Love will help us move through the certain conflicts.  Love will form our vision of what we want in a new world.  Love will ease our minds as we move through the fear of the unknown.  And love will show us the way through the debris of the old world in its collapse and how to build the new world out of the rubble.

I say “bring it on,” THIS is why we were born into this world in the first place and this is what we came here to do!

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5 thoughts on “The Trump Victory from a Higher Perspective

  1. Thank you, Lauri. I agree with you about the higher outcome. I do still have angst, though, about those who are already suffering from the licensed outrage the election seems to have spawned. But yes, the next question is, “What is my role in this changing landscape? How can I help the emerging world be the beautiful one we envision?” I think that’s the way I can handle the grief and fear. My own kitchen has to get dirty now, right? I might have to get a little bloodied. But if I know what my part is in this process, I will just keep on mopping, keep on polishing, keep on washing until I start to see everything shine.

    Thanks for the nudge in that direction. I’ll get to work now…

    1. My dear Prudence,
      I too have angst and pain for those who are suffering under the threat of those who are using this election outcome to justify their own fear and hatred. I stand in solidarity with those who are being marginalized and persecuted because of another’s unhealed wounds. It is fear that creates separation between us and the primary source of this fear is often misunderstanding. What would happen if we sat over a cup of coffee or tea with those we perceive as “different” from us only to discover we are very much alike? We all have fears. We all have dreams. We have all experienced pain, suffering rejection, loss. We are not nearly as different as we think ourselves to be. My hope for humanity is that we can come together in open curiosity, getting to know each other and find our similarities and then meet each other there. Yes, I may be an idealist, but I truly believe that we can heal all that is wrong in our world by healing our own fears. We have to clean our own kitchen before we can expect someone to clean their own. 🙂

  2. Thank you for today’s message about having expectations for beneficial change. Already I seem to detect signs of such happening.
    The real point of this reply is that you have courageously raised this expectation of POSITIVE change for everyone and because it comes from you we all are heartened….Dennis

    1. Thank you Dennis! And you have the gifts within you to shine this light and love into the world around you, therefore being a part of the positive change! Thank you for your part in turning our world from fear into love!


  3. Thank you, it was a balm to my heart to
    read this .. just thank you for your perspective. . Peggy

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