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Power in the Darkness

After creating and launching three new online courses, including my entire Authentic Freedom and Magdalene Priestess Training curricula, I have been enjoying a creative hiatus. As creative types understand, after massive creative output, one needs time to empty and then refuel for the next creative flow.  I am emptying and refueling by binge-watching the Showtime series Penny Dreadful, and boy am I glad I FINALLY took my creative sisters’ advise in watching this show.  I am luxuriating in every sumptuous character and am captivated by every word, image and storyline.  I LOVE this show and it just happens to be in my favorite literary genre – Victorian Gothic Horror. Penny Dreadful is the story of my life – and the life of every woman and man I know who, like the characters in this tale, have found their power in the darkness.


Penny Dreadful is the story of Vanessa Ives, a young woman destined to be either the bride of Satan, or the savior of the human race; the men who fight for her victory and the women who seek to destroy her. Penny Dreadful is about Vanessa’s struggle with the power within her that will either become her destruction, or lead her to salvation.  Vanessa’s deepest motivation is love, but she is tempted by that which leads her to darkness.  The dark forces wish to possess Vanessa, while she continually reaches toward the light.  Not always is Vanessa victorious, but it is her humanness that makes her character so compelling.  What if you had the power to destroy your enemies with a single thought and projection of your desire?  What if the price of this is only the price of your Soul – a Soul that longs to believe in a benevolent God, but finding in the human condition that we are ever and always alone?


Vanessa’s story is our story. The human journey is nothing if it is not a teacher.  Like the seed that must break through its own shell and crawl its way through (seemingly) miles of soil before it can find the sun, life presents us with challenges and obstacles that we must find our way through if we are ever to find our own light.  Vanessa’s story is the story of the honest, the vulnerable, and the courageous who, when confronted with the difficulties of life, find their way through them – sometimes crawling on our hands and knees begging for mercy, other times walking on a bed of burning coals stubbornly moving toward their goal.  And like Vanessa, when we find ourselves on the other side of the darkness, we know freedom and the newfound sense of accomplishment in having vanquished the “demon.”  Here we have found our power – power over our fears, power over our compulsions, power over temptation, power over the darkness and power over death.  And it was in facing the darkness that we have found our strength.



Power in the Darkness

Power born out of darkness.

Power honed through suffering.

Power that arises on the other side of pain –

Or rather, in the midst of it.

Power at home with death and loss and all measures of darkness –

Depression, disease, despair.

Power not for the sake of evil,

But in service to the Good.

Power that finds its strength in staring down fear,

Standing toe-to-toe with “Satan”

And the obstacles “he” casts in our way.

Power born out of darkness for the sake of the light.

Diving into the shadows, we find our return.

The heroine’s journey –

For only those gifted with bringing forth life can equally midwife death.

The power of what used to be called “witch” but is really

Divine Wholeness finding its place in the world.

Copyright 2016 Lauri Ann Lumby

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