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We Are Our Own Saviors (or God Does Not Save Part II)

(Read Part I HERE).

It is an interesting thing when you suddenly realize that the “God” you were taught to believe in, put all your faith in and to whom you have devoted your life was never there for you. For me, this is a realization and an awakening that has been a long time coming, so when it showed up, I knew what to do with it.  I simply let the realization be and allowed the “old man in the sky God” to die.  With this death, I have allowed myself to be present to the grieving (rage, sorrow, mind-numbing paralysis, depression) as a “New” God is being born within me.


But here’s the funny thing…..there is no “New” God being born in me, instead, it is the LOVE that has always been present within me, guiding me, supporting me, protecting me, comforting me, healing me, and loving me….taking center stage. This LOVE has always been there, whispering truth to me and showing me the way.

This LOVE is the “kingdom of God” that Jesus spoke of as residing “within and among you.” The “God” that Jesus knew was the LOVE that dwelled within him.  This “God” was also the LOVE that dwells within every human being.  This “God” is also the LOVE that made up and encompassed all of creation.  This is the LOVE that Jesus wanted all of us to know.

From a Genesis perspective, I think of it as: “God was (or is)” (spirit, source, energy, etc.) and then “God Became.” The Spark that is God split into a gazillion pieces and became everything we see in creation, including ourselves.  Jesus knew this “God” as “Love” and this “Love” is what dwells within us and IS us in our becoming.  I know, it’s a little mind-blowing….especially if all we ever knew before was the God “out there.”  But when we really think about it, we already know this God who is LOVE that dwells within us.  Let me offer a few examples of this knowing from my own life:

  • This LOVE told me who I could trust and who to be wary of.
  • This LOVE told me (tells me) when people are lying….it also tells me when I’m lying to myself.
  • This LOVE tells me when I am venturing down the wrong path, and it tells me through bodily sensations of unease and sometimes even guilt.
  • This LOVE told me NOT to get into the car of the strange man who offered to give me a ride as I was walking to the bus stop as a teenager.
  • This LOVE picked my foot off the gas pedal and slammed it down on the brake just in time to miss a van barreling through a red light at 60mph, saving myself and my children from sure death.
  • This LOVE helped me to recognize the educational opportunities that would support my Soul’s purpose.
  • This LOVE helps me to recognize the personal and professional opportunities consistent with my Soul’s purpose and gives me the courage and tenacity to pursue them.
  • This LOVE helps me to recognize those who will be my friends, supportive business colleagues and resources in support of my Soul’s purpose.


In short, this LOVE is ME trying to be ME – the ME that the “God spark” within me decided it wanted to be in deciding to be ME. This LOVE knows why it came here and who it came to be through me and it supports me in knowing and finding all I need to experience in order to be ME.  This LOVE also lets me know when I am entering into experiences that will not be supportive of the ME I came here to be.


What is true for me is also true for you. We all KNOW this LOVE that is within us and we all hear the voice of this LOVE trying to support us in being who we came here to be.  We know this LOVE in the tiny whispering voice of our intuition.  We know this LOVE in those moments of deep inner knowing that guides us.  This LOVE communicates to us through our dreams and our imagination.  This LOVE helps us to recognize books, movies, TV shows that will feed us and which will bore us to death.  The key to knowing this LOVE is to PAY ATTENTION…..and TRUST.  It turns out, unlike the “old man in the sky God” who may or may not keep us safe or protect us from harm, LOVE will never lead us astray.  And when the consequences of the human condition (disappointment, loss, suffering and death) show up at our door, LOVE helps us find our way through, supports us in our healing, and helps us to find the new life on the other side of the loss.

It is through this LOVE that we find we are our own saviors and that in fact, there is nothing from which we need saving. The LOVE that dwells in us is simply here to be LOVE and to be that LOVE more and more each day.  When we embrace this truth we realize that all there is is love and that love is all there is.  Salvation comes when we realize this truth.



I am a trained, professional Spiritual Director, Author and Hands-on Healer. I offer services, programs and classes that empower you to hear the voice of the Divine that speaks from within you. It is the voice of the Divine that leads us to our highest truth, to the discovery and cultivation of our gifts and to a life of Authentic Freedom where we know contentment, compassion and joy. Your truth will set you free!

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