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Visions from Glastonbury Part 1

This week, I am continuing to apply the Hildegard of Bingen cure for migraines, vertigo, anxiety, depression and panic attacks.  Specifically, I am sharing a series of poems that arose out of the MANY visionary experiences I had while on pilgrimage to Glastonbury, England (aka Avalon) in 2008.  The first is about my personal encounter(s) with Gwyn Ap Nudd, King of the Fae and Celtic Lord of the Underworld –  facilitator of shadow work and soul-retrieval and guardian and guide to those called along the shamanic path.



Cernunnous, Gwyn ap Nudd, Hermes and Pan

By whatever name we call thee

God of the Underworld

King of the Fae

How am I worthy of thee?

Yet, here you stand


Calling me home

Home to the depths

To the world beneath the Tor

Through the gateway hidden in the depths of the White Spring

Lord of the shadows

Muse of the Soul

Priest of Change

On dragon’s egg, terror-struck

Resisting your call.

Drenched in sweat and trembling.

Your 2 am wake-up calls left unheeded.

Until the dream of the stag, injured and limping

Returning again and again beckoning me home.

Image credit:  Photo taken from inside the shrine to Gwyn Ap Nudd at the White Spring.  I have tried in vain to identify the artist.  If you are the artist, please let me know so I can give due credit!!!!  Thank you!   


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