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Our Divine Mother Speaks

The Mother says:

“I got it from here. There is nothing more for you to do or to heal or clear.  Simply step into my embrace and let me carry you.”


5000 years ago when the warring hoards stormed into the fertile lands with their vengeful and jealous god, I have been barred from the human race. Supplanted in favor of a god who is only male and mostly angry, I was forced into the shadows, along with my Beloved partner – the God of love.

Rejected by the human race in favor of a god who manipulates through fear, power and control, We withdrew to a place behind the veil until the day we knew would one day come, when humanity would grow tired of the violence that comes in worshipping only fear.

While remaining in the shadows, We have never forgotten Our love for the world that We created or of the beings we made to walk upon her verdant soil. Neither have we ever stopped loving our children – even though they rejected Our image and Our love.

We are the love that existed before time.

We are the love that brought all things into being.

We are the love that resides in your hearts waiting to be catch fire in you so that you can become the magnificent creatures We made you to be.


The Psalmist knew us. She called us Darkness and Light; Wisdom and Truth.

Solomon’s lover knew us. She called us Lover and Beloved.

Jesus knew us as Mother and Father.

John the Beloved, knew us as Word and Wisdom, Alpha and Omega, The Queen of Heaven and her King.

To those who were opened, We whispered Our Presence, revealing Ourselves in magnificent visions of love and light. Throughout history our Presence has been made known through the saints, the prophets and the mystics, and to those with ears to hear and eyes to see.  In spite of the voice of these who see and heard and knew, humanity continued to choose fear over the Presence and Action of love.

Once again it seems humanity is at a crossroads, which is why We have chosen, once again, one from among you (one among many) to be our voice. Speaking through our daughter Lauri, The Mother now speaks:

My dear and beloved children, there are no human words to express the great and abiding love I have for you – a love greater than any human love you have ever known. A love greater than the love you have for your own children.  A love greater than your parents’ love for you.

As your Divine Mother, the One who loved you into being, I love you simply because I made you. In this, you are a part of Me. You don’t have to earn my love and my love cannot be taken away. You are never, ever, ever, separate from my love, you only think that you are.  You think that you are separate because you believe love is in the mind and you seek to find it there, instead of turning to Me in your heart where I have always been.

In this love I have for you, because you are a part of me and I am the Divine embodiment of love itself, I want so much for you – so much more than you will ever allow or create for yourselves, as long as you continue to believe yourself to be separate from my love. There is nothing you can do and nothing you need to heal or clear to be One with my love.  You need simply step into my embrace and let me carry you to where my love wants you to be.  Knowing the love that you are and living that love freely and unencumbered in your own unique way through the gifts I have given you so that you may be my love in the world and so that the world might remember:

Once upon a time, the world was only love.

Remember me and the world will be this love again.



I am a trained, professional Spiritual Director, Author and Hands-on Healer. I offer services, programs and classes that empower you to hear the voice of the Divine that speaks from within you. It is the voice of the Divine that leads us to our highest truth, to the discovery and cultivation of our gifts and to a life of Authentic Freedom where we know contentment, compassion and joy. Your truth will set you free!

6 thoughts on “Our Divine Mother Speaks

  1. Hi Lauri,

    The words that you share from the Divine Mother are soothing to the soul and no one can deny how much her love is needed in our world today.

    Currently, I am moving through a crisis of faith – often wondering if all this spirituality talk about love and wisdom is at best just wishful thinking. I struggle with faith in a so-called “loving God” when I see how violence in our world is affecting innocent children who have done nothing to deserve the horrible fate and deaths they endure. I ask myself how can a loving God allow such atrocities? I read about what recently happened to 86 children in Nigeria at the hands of Boko Haram and my heart is broken. What have they done to deserve such fate? Where is this loving God that we talk about and wish so much for in this world? Some would chalk it up to good karma versus bad karma from past lifetimes. But, I just can’t buy that either.

    I would appreciate your and other’s response on this issue because I’m sure that many other folks have been through this same sort of crisis of faith.

    Much Love to you,


    1. OMG!
      Thank you so much for speaking the TRUTH. I once had a Chinese medicine doctor tell me that it is only through a force of will that I am alive and functioning on this plane…and most days, this is exactly how I feel. It is simply by a force of will that I get out of bed each day, when I’d rather stay there with the covers pulled up over my head hoping to escape the cold, cruel world. Most days, this world just seems too hard. It is simply by a force of will that I show up to my “job” every day, trying to give people some measure of hope and support in a world that is just too hard. People are mean. People are greedy and selfish. People are killed. People are dying through no fault of their own, especially kind and loving people who seem to be dropping like flies from diseases the Western Medical world has no means to treat. Or our children who are killing themselves or each other because this world is just too hard. It is also simply by a force of will that I show up to my meditation cushion every day, desperately clinging to my practice in the hopes of getting some respite from this world and hoping to get just a glimpse into the face of God/dess as I have so often seen through my practice. It is by a force of will that I feed, cleans and clothe myself and sometimes that force of will is only possible because of a hot steaming cup of coffee. 😉

      You mention “crisis of faith.” Since this seems to be my daily and sometime hourly experience, wondering where the hell is God in this world, and where the hell are the results of the so-called promises for love, abundance, peace, harmony, contentment, joy, etc. etc. etc. I have to wonder, is the human experience itself simply a crisis of faith? Are we here in this cesspool because we forgot? We forgot our Oneness with God so this is why life feels like, “life sucks and then you die.” Ultimately, in this lifetime we will never know….as you said…..all we can do is guess or make up our own hopes and dreams.

      I find I don’t have any words of comfort, because as you said, we could just be making this all up to make ourselves feel better – a loving God, an abundant God, a God of peace, and comfort and consolation.

      But then………I remember all the times when I was at my lowest, shaking my fist at God saying, “Step up of Step off!!!!! I’ve had enough of your empty promises. Where are the fruits of my labors? What about all the damn seeds I’ve planted?. I’ve done what you have told me to do….now you do something! I can’t live on breath alone (especially on those days when things are so hard even breathing is an effort of will). If not, I’m done with you and your lot!!!” And then God showed up. Maybe only in a whisper, but S/He was definitely there….or at least God is what I call that moment of peace. That insight of clarity. That path that suddenly swings wide open. The opportunity that falls into my lap. The sublime and overwhelming love that surpasses all understanding and all human experiences.

      Bob, knowing you as I do, I also wonder if this chronic crisis of faith (which I also apparently possess) is the gift/curse of the Mystic. Other people seem to be fine with this human experience…..going about their daily lives free from the burden of having to ask the big questions: Why are we here? What is our purpose? How do I find meaning, fulfillment, love, peace and joy in this human experience? Why is there suffering? Is there a God? If there is, what is S/He like? How can I help my fellow human beings and the earth be happier, healthier and whole? It makes me think of the movie “The Matrix.” There is a cost for taking the “red pill.” We are no longer content living in the dream, but seeing the truth beyond the illusion isn’t easy either. I never could bring myself to see the third movie….can someone else tell me how it all ends?

      Sending you a hug brother and lots of love and prayers. You are not alone in the crisis….and if you ever just want to bitch or vent, you know how to reach me!


  2. Hi Lauri,

    Thanks for such an in-depth, loving, and thoughtful reply – and for your bit of humor with that cup of coffee!! BTW, I’ll be right over, LOL!!

    Yes, you’re right – we need to keep a sense of humor with all this. And as you know, that can be challenging to say the least, especially in light of the conditions we see on this earth.

    Yes, I do have moments in meditation when I am distanced from this world and feel held within a cocoon of love and peace. And although I have these moments, I still feel immense pain and sorrow when I see all the senseless killing and destruction that goes on in the world. And, it just tears my heart out when young innocent children are victims of violence, like the recent violent killing of 86 children by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

    Could spiritual practice actually tear down the walls that surround the heart so that we become more sensitive to the pain that others endure? Is our sensitivity a by-product of our spiritual practice? I tend to think it may be. Maybe it’s one of the costs of taking the “red pill” as you described.

    Oddly though, I prefer to feel this pain than to try to escape it by various means. And, I cannot let it harden my heart, which puts me in a psychological space I prefer not to be in. Because, then I’m centered in the mind – and all it’s judgments – instead of the heart, where I can actually hold both the victims and perpetrators of violence in prayer. Maybe the Divine is nudging us along to take a greater part in the spirituality of the planet. Who knows? I certainly don’t.

    Actually, I honestly don’t know anything anymore – I once thought I did. But, now everything is gone. Maybe the Divine can be drawn into this emptiness. But even then, I just can’t understand why a “God of Love” would or could allow the pain and suffering we see today among so many innocent people. There is no simple answer to this and I suspect that I may just have to live with this lack of understanding possibly for the remainder of my life.

    Nonetheless, I will continue to sit in meditation daily in an effort to keep the “open sign” up for the greater good or Divine or whatever one wishes to call the Unknowable. Perhaps an insight will come that can explain the purpose behind the evil we see. And, like I just said, it may never happen. But, sit I will. What else can one do? I’m in this stuff too deep and there’s no turning back, which I could never do anyway.

    You know, I was thinking today how fortunate some of us are to have the “luxury” to consciously pursue a spiritual practice. I can sit in the comfort and safety of my own home or find a beautiful secluded location in the mountains in which to have silence and stillness – and find some rest in God. For many people, their daily lives consists of the struggle to feed their families and have some moments of safety from a harsh and violent world that surrounds them. I feel so fortunate and grateful – but only wish this could be the lot of every person on this planet.

    Much Love to you,


    PS: I may take you up on your offer sometime!! Hope your kids are doing well.

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