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A Formula for Ending All Wars

This morning’s blog came through while teaching my Authentic Freedom Course.  Specifically, we were exploring the spiritual fear “I do not know” and the truth that off sets this fear – “That we do know our truth in our intimate connection with the mind of God.”  In other words, we DO know our truth when we remember that we are One with God/our Higher Self and that this truth is accessible and available to us when we are open to receiving it.  While meditating on the scripture assigned for this lesson (the story of Jesus healing the man born blind: John 9: 1-41), I arrived at the truth that, if known and embraced all of humanity, would end all violence and war. Here the truth is spoken as I received it,  from the perspective of the dirt that Jesus mixed with his own spit to restore sight to the man born blind:

The Dirt Speaks:

“For hundreds of years I’ve been sitting here listening to these men argue about what is of God and what is not; while all along I’ve known that there is nothing that is NOT of God.  As they trample over me, fighting over their perceived power, claiming themselves to be right and everyone else wrong, I have known there is no right and there is no wrong – at least not from God’s perspective.  For, you see, in God, there is no fear, so in God there is no “lack.”  But for these fearful men, all they see is lack.  And when they are afraid and only seeing lack, all they see is death – their own imminent demise.  So they bite, kick, scratch, bicker and fight over what they think will give them power over others so they will never know lack, thinking this will keep them safe from death.


The irony in this is that if they would simply open their eyes and see – if even only looking toward the earth beneath their feet, they would see there is no lack and nothing to fear – so nothing to fight about!  Jesus knew this.  When his disciples showed their fear by asking him who had sinned that the man had been born blind, Jesus responded by scooping up the lowliest of all elements – a fist full of dirt.  Dirt, which here, in the temple grounds, is good only to be trampled on.  Then, Jesus made the dirt into mud, not from water from the well, but out of his own spit – an element and a gesture typically used to show scorn.  He then rubbed the mud into the man’s eyes, giving him sight.

Jesus knew.  In his knowing, he knew the earth to be abundant and that it provides all that humanity needs for food, clothing, shelter, and even healing.  The earth is abundant because there is nothing that is not of God, including the lowly dust of the temple grounds that have been trampled, spit on and shit on all these many years.  Jesus knew.

For those who have eyes to see…..let them see!

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