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A Balm for My Soul – the Poetry of Wendy E. Slater

I love how chance (or perhaps it is fate) brings us exactly what we need exactly when we need it.  This is how I came upon the heart-rendering poetry of Wendy E. Slater, in her latest release, Into the Hearth.  “Heart-rendering” is exactly what happens when one feeds upon the words out of which I imagine Wendy’s own heart was reborn and made whole.  At least that was my experience when feasting upon her words.  Part confession, part soul-retrieval, one is laid bare through the gentle nuances of Wendy’s willingness to be naked, vulnerable and uncompromisingly honest about the midlife journey of “Everywoman” – born out of the pain of loss and out of the labor of the Soul’s excavation, exhuming the corpses of what has been to discover what will be.  Thank you Wendy for baring your own Soul so that other women, like you, might be free in the true liberation that midlife brings.




I get it. Totally.

In entirety

Like the full moon beaming

From my head,

I have failed as

A non-smoking, yoga, retreatee,

Vegetarian diet

With practicality

Crippling colored waters

Of herbs

That do me no good.

I know I belong with a beer,

An occasional smoke,

Freedom to choose

Who I love and what I love

When for me, I love

To leave and will in 5 days,

First class if I have to

As a celebration of my

Success of knowing

Where I belong and who I am.



If I dove up and

Through the arched and veined

Dome of ivy trellised

Over the crown

Would I reach through to you

And would I find

Myself at home

In the stars, of the ocean

And in the forest

Of love

Clasped as 2 hands

In a voyage

Of the unknown

And trust in the

Celebration of

Surrendering all the feminine

Into your masculine

Dowry of treasures unfolding

As sacred nectar

Cultivates and ripens

To flower in the always,

Wisdom to be


As we disrobe

Into nothingness?

Poems copyright 2015 Wendy E. Slater.  All rights reserved.  Used with permission.

Wendy E.SlaterWendy E. Slater lives in Vermont.  After a 20 year hiatus from writing poetry, 20 volumes of spiritual poetry were written starting during a trip to Scotland in 2001.  You can learn more about Wendy, her poetry and services at


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