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The Book of She – Book Review

I am please to share an excerpt from the recently released, The Book of She – Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power, by Sara Avant Stover.  I was most excited to discover in Sara a fellow “Magdalene,” one called upon and visited by the Magdalene to help restore the Divine Feminine (and by association, the Divine Masculine), in our world.  I found Sara’s book to be a terrific primer on the journey of transformation and empowerment available to those women who are courageous enough to accept the Soul’s bold invitation to wholeness.  Thank you Sara for your contribution to the conversation.


Mary Magdalene

An Excerpt from The Book of SHE by Sara Avant Stover


When a new infusion of love is needed, Mary Magdalene shows up. Our only real choice is whether or not to cooperate.

— Cynthia Bourgeault, The Meaning of Mary Magdalene

Santa Fe, New Mexico; October 30, 2010

Devil’s Night, some call it.

I drew the thick maroon curtains shut and opened one of the windows just a crack to let the night air in. Click. I switched the lamp off and pulled the covers up over my shoulders. Alone in the inn’s musty guestroom.

It was the night before I was scheduled to perform the talk that I’d spent the previous four days preparing, the one I’d later give on my book tour. The next morning I’d stand, without notes or podium, before my circle of six female peers and my public speaking instructor. Just me, my story, and my heart. My body trembled, but my heart roared, “I’m ready.” I could feel the fertility of something new beginning.

Shhhh. What’s that?

I heard a rustling outside. And although I had never heard that sound before, I knew exactly what it was.

Nah, couldn’t be.

A floor-length dress, swishing through the dark, against the cold stone patio outside. Red, I knew it to be, without even having seen it.

It sounded like a ghost or a vision coming to deliver a message, although I had never received such a message.

I rolled over to face the window. No fear, just relaxed readiness, as if waiting to begin a previously agreed-upon appointment.

I watched Her dark shadow outside the window, moving the curtains aside, lifting Her skirt carefully, and suddenly standing next to my bed. Then She climbed in bed and lay down beside me.

She smelled dusty, like She’d come from far away. And although I had never seen Her before, or even thought much of Her, I relaxed in Her presence. I only felt relief that we were together once again. At last.

She didn’t introduce Herself, but I knew in the moment right before I heard Her coming who She was.

She stroked my hair, cooing to me, like I had always wished my mother had done.

“Sara, my love,” she whispered, lips close to my ear, “I am here for you now, and always. You have nothing to worry about. You are my daughter. You are here to do my work in the world. Because of this, I will always take care of you. I will never be far away. I am always here with you.”

We continued breathing, nose to nose, my breath warm and human, Hers ethereal and cool, like that late autumn night’s breeze.

I nodded, cherishing every moment.

Yes. Yes. Thank you so much. This is right.

I rolled over, and She snuggled in behind me, wrapping Her arms around my waist. My body began to shake and sob, releasing a longing that was suddenly, unexpectedly, miraculously filled.

In our embrace, I drifted off to sleep.

And in the morning, although Mary Magdalene was physically gone, I still felt Her presence in my depths.

I felt different. Her visit planted a passion in my heart. I had no idea where it would end up leading me, but I knew that from that day on, my life would never be the same.



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SaraAvantStoverSara Avant Stover is the author of The Book of SHE and The Way of the Happy Woman. A pioneer in contemporary women’s work, she has been featured in Yoga Journal, Newsweek, and Natural Health and on ABC, NBC, and CBS. Visit her online at


Excerpted from The Book of She: Your Heroine’s Journey into the Heart of Feminine Power ©2015 Sara Avant Stover. Printed with permission of New World Library.




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