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Birthing Something New – Fear of Change

We are in the midst of the most incredible journey involving all of humanity….all of creation in fact. We are in the midst of witnessing to and participating in CREATION as it is birthing something new. The new that is being born is both outside of us and within us, but is ultimately unfolding out of the depths of our own consciousness….and it is a wonder to behold.

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What is being born is nothing less than a NEW WORLD! A completely new world the likes of which we have NEVER experienced (not in our human incarnations anyway!). We are quite literally creating something out of nothing and doing so without a map, without a guide, without a blueprint and without a business or strategic plan. There can be no plan because what we are creating is not of this world, neither is it three-dimensional in its nature, therefore it cannot be seen or touched. Instead, what we are creating is of the fifth dimension where there is no discernable form because in the fifth dimension, all is one, unitive and harmonious – a far cry from the duality that defines the 3D world.


So, how are we supposed to help this creation along if we can’t see or touch it and if there is no plan? This is exactly the point – there is NOTHING we can or should be doing. The new world is being born THROUGH us, not because of us or because of our efforts (more on this in a bit). Instead, it is our job to get out of the say (this is our part of the doing) and ALLOW the new world to be born. The challenging part of this process is that we CLING to what we know. We find perceived security in feeling as if we are in control and as if we have control. But the real truth of the new world being born is that WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL and the more we cling and the more we strive after control, the more difficult this journey will be for us. We know that we are clinging or trying to control things when we feel ANXIETY (or sheer panic which is often the case!). Anxiety and panic are signaling to us that we are clinging and trying to control and are an invitation to enter into some DEEP SELF CARE!

BE GENTLE WITH OURSELVES! The world is changing. It is changing through us. When anxiety, worry, fear, panic, compulsive planning, anticipatory thoughts, etc. plague us, this is an invitation to STOP. Ask ourselves the question, “What is my fear?” Then give loving care and reassurance to our 3D/fearful selves that this fear is simply the fear of CHANGE. NEW and magnificent things are coming. A world and a life far beyond our wildest dreams. And we are afraid of what this change might mean for us. Breathe into the fear and allow ourselves to feel it and to know that the fear is arising because something MAGNIFICENT is about to happen. Breathe into the fear and breath out love.   LOVE ourselves in the face of our fear. LOVE ourselves in the face of change. LOVE ourselves for wanting to cling and wanting to control. LOVE LOVE LOVE ourselves for being human and LOVE the 3D part of ourselves that knows it is dying. For this is our greatest fear. The 3D self (the one defined by separation, duality and fear) is in its final death throes and like a physical body that resists its physical death (even when the spirit is VERY willing), the 3D self is clinging to life. As they do in hospice care, administer a little spiritual Lorazepam as in the exercise above. Acknowledge that the 3D self is dying. Give it something for the anxiety (in this case loving care and the breathing exercise mentioned above), and sit beside it giving it comfort as it lets go of this life so as to be welcomed into the new.


And then, as it the journey of physical death, let the spirit lead. In the depths of our soul, in the center of our hearts WE KNOW. We know where we are going. We know what is to come after the death of the 3D self and the 3D world. We know that what is coming after the life that we currently know is more magnificent then we could possibly imagine. Our hearts and our souls KNOW! If we need a blueprint or a plan, let this be it! Let our hearts be the guides and when the fearful mind steps in (which it will) love it in its fear then return our attention to our hearts. For our hearts know where it is taking us – “There’s no place like home.”



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