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The Magdalene Stargate of 8/8/8

In numerological terms, whenever you have triple digits in a date, that day is considered auspicious and thought of as a gateway from one way of being into another. This coming Saturday (8/8/2015 which reduces down to 8/8/8) is one of those gateways. This gateway is especially meaningful to me as it has been designated “The Magdalene Stargate” due to the resurrection of the Magdalene/Christ principle (one might call it “The Second Coming”), the rebirth of the Divine Masculine and the full integration of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine. This is a powerful time in the evolution of human consciousness and promises to completely transform our world (if we so choose) from the fear in which it has been imprisoned into the liberating power of LOVE. In honor of the Magdalene Stargate, I want to share a vision that was revealed to me this past Tuesday as I was facilitating a shamanic journey for the women currently participating in my Mary Magdalene course, in preparation for their own ordination into the Order of the Magdalene Christ. This is what I saw:

Lamentation of Christ by Caravaggio
Lamentation of Christ by Caravaggio

While deep within a shamanic state, reflecting on the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, I saw Mary Magdalene and the other Mary processing through the darkness toward the tomb where Jesus lay. They arrived at the tomb in complete darkness, led only by the light of the Spirit within them. They came with oils and linens with which to anoint Jesus’ body. As they arrived at the tomb, they discovered the stone had been rolled away. Then scene then immediately changed and from the vision of the tomb, I beheld a great cross hanging in the air. On the cross was Mary Magdalene (in very Salvadore Dali’esq fashion). Below her were the ones who had crucified her – the patriarchal, hierarchical culture into which she had been born, here represented by a mob of loud and angry men. Mary’s body hung on the cross bruised, beaten, broken and bleeding. Behind and above Mary, was the spirit of Christ. His presence hung in the air behind her, enfolding her in love, blessing and supporting her. As Jesus had been crucified, so too had she. This, I understood, was as it was to be – both coming into the world to teach the world how to love and both destroyed by a world not yet ready to hear and accept their message. Jesus – literally crucified. Mary – while not crucified in her body, had her message and character crucified by those who had too much to lose should her message gain a foothold.

Crucifixion by Hayley Wynter from Deviant Art
Crucifixion by Hayley Wynter from Deviant Art

As I beheld Mary hanging from the cross and Jesus hovering behind around her, a multitude of women came into the scene. They stood at the foot of the cross with Mary’s broken body hanging above them, crying, weeping and wailing. The gathered up their heartache and harnessed their courage as they tenderly removed her broken body from the cross, anointed her, wrapped her in linen and together carried her to her own tomb. The multitude of women brought Mary’s body into the tomb and remained in the tomb with her, closing the entrance and sealing themselves inside. This entombment of the multitude of women represents the death of the Divine Feminine principle which has been entombed for the past 2000 (or more) years. Mary and the multitude of women have rested for centuries in this state of entombment.

After a long while (what felt like eons), I felt the earth begin to tremor and shake. With this trembling and shaking, I felt the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Magdalene herself, awaking from her rest. Mary and the multitude of women trembled and shook along with this energy and as the energy within them escalated, they suddenly burst forth from the tomb in which they had been sleeping. They burst forth in heat, and fire and flames – like a volcano that had been waiting for eons to release its pressure.


As Mary and the multitude of women erupted from the tomb, I saw Jesus in spirit form hovering in the air before them. The women cheered as Mary and Jesus were reunited in spirit, both fully resurrected from their mutual crucifixion and death. Mary and Jesus came together in spirit, embraced, kissed and then joined hands. From this reunion, I saw Mary and Jesus together going forth into the world. In the world, they went from tomb, to tomb, to tomb, waking up and restoring to life those who had been sleeping – all those who once knew of the law of love and those who had been planted on this earth to remember this love and work together, with the Magdalene and with the Christ to restore the world to the love from which it originated and the love from which it had fallen asleep – a love that is holy in its masculinity and femininity. In this worldwide awakening, Jesus and Mary were finally able to complete the mission for which they had originally been sent 2000 years ago – to restore the world to love and to resurrect the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine that had so long ago been lost.


This is what is coming forth through the 8/8/8 Magdalene Stargate – those who have been sent to awaken the world to love have already been awakened and with this gateway, are being empowered to restore the world to the love from which it came, thus completing the mission that Jesus and Mary began 2000 years ago. In this, we are experiencing the second coming of the Magdalene Christ – the full integration of the Divine and Human within us, both masculine and feminine, Holy and Magnificent, and in realizing the truth of who we are, healing and transforming ourselves as we heal and change the world.


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