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Love Invasion – We’re HERE!

Today’s blog is inspired by an auto-correct incident with my HTC-1 Android phone (Thank you Verizon!).  I was typing my name into a text message and my phone autocorrected it to “INVASION.”  First I laughed.  How do you get “invasion” from Lauri Lumby?   Then I wondered, is this a message from the gods?  Are “they” coming – aliens from another race, other galaxies, other planets?  I found myself drawn to images of movies like Poltergeist, Independence Day, Close Encounters, etc.  Then I thought about my wish and hope in the midst of the ever-hastening collapse of Western civilization for the “Mothership” to come and take me away.  Was this a message that she is on her way?  Are the Pleidians, the Sirians, the Arcturians, those from Orion, Neptune, Pluto, coming to save us? 


Then it struck me – there is no “they”.  There are no aliens coming.  The Mothership is not coming to rescue us.  Not because we don’t deserve it, but because we don’t need it.  WE ARE THE MOTHERSHIP!  WE are the ones who will rescue Western civilization from its current path of self-destruction.  We do not come from other planets or other civilizations (though it may seem like we do).  We are right here, walking among you, in human flesh.  We have been here all along, quietly carrying the mission of love in our hearts.  But, now it is time that we are known.  It is time for us to step forth from behind the veil and into the light of day so that all may know – WE ARE HERE.  We are here and INVADING the world with LOVE.  It is a love invasion….and WE ARE HERE.  In case you haven’t met us….here’s who we are:

  • We are those who desire a world rooted in love, working for peace.
  • We are those who believe we are all ONE – that there is no separation between us and that “divisions” such as race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, culture, etc. are simply those things that make us special and unique and are qualities to value as sacred and holy and something we desire to know and understand about each other.
  • We are those who believe the earth is a place to be treated as sacred.  We understand that the earth is what feeds, nourishes, clothes and feeds us and that without a healthy and whole planet, we will soon perish.
  • We are those who believe in a world that is abundant and that there is enough to feed, clothe and house all the world if we would simply learn how to protect our resources, take only what we need and share with our fellow human beings so that all may have what they need not only to survive, but also to thrive.
  • We are the ones who believe that every single human being is a sacred and holy expression of love and deserves to be treated with honor and respect.
  • We are the ones who put healthy food, safety, quality healthcare and quality education first and believe these are the inherent rights of every citizen of our planet – to have good food and clean water, to feel safe in their home and in their lands, to enjoy quality healthcare and an education.
  • We are the ones who support a global mission.  We are ONE planet.  One people.  One humanity and our minds and hearts must be attuned to the needs of the all. When one of us suffers, we all suffer.  Toward this end, we look to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a tool to guide us.
  • We are the ones looking for peace instead of war, understanding instead of conflict, healing instead of retaliation.  We seek to heal and soothe the fears that cause people to act violently and we seek to support the evolution of humankind into just that – HUMAN+KIND.


In short: We are here to usher in a NEW WORLD – a world that is rooted in love, working for the benefit of all of humanity, serving the cause of peace, healing a fearful and wounded world, bringing all of humanity into a state of UNITY where everyone’s needs are being met and where each person is given the opportunity to reach their greatest potential.

The Love Invasion is here.  We are here.  And because of our love,  the world will never be the same.

If you have always felt that you are here for a reason, that you feel called to change the world, that you desire a world of love and not of fear, then you are part of the Love Invasion.  If you are in the Oshkosh (Fox Valley) area, please join us for our weekly Superhero Gatherings where you will find a supportive community and resources to help you to live that call to be LOVE in the world.  Learn more HERE. 



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