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The Rest of the Secret

Yesterday’s blog on manifestation – inviting us to move beyond “the Law of Attraction” and “The Secret” as methods of accomplishing our Soul’s purpose, was a huge success.  Apparently we are all tired of being told that it is our fault (because we did not think the right thoughts) for having the life of the Kardashians (not that we want that life…but you get my drift).  After posting the blog, I realized one critical piece was missing …  so without further ado…here is the rest of the Soul’s truth about manifestation and how we will bring our Soul’s purpose into its fulfillment as we move into the new world:

Addendum to “Beyond The Secret and The Law of Attraction”:

In the new world, faith and belief are one.  There will be no separation between our Soul’s knowing and our thoughts.  Faith and belief will be one!  All that we are and all that we do will unfold naturally from the place of our Soul, unhindered by the thoughts which might arise out of the false perception of separation and fear.


Amen!  Amen!  Halleluiah!



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