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Order of the Magdalene

This past Tuesday, I had the great privilege of witnessing four women accept the call to be bearers of love in the world through their own unique giftedness as they received acceptance into the Order of the Magdalene/Christ.  One participant, after receiving ordination, was gifted with the following message – for those present and for all who might read this.  Here was the message imparted upon her:

“We are the light that is changing our planet.  We are the Magdalene.  Keep your hearts open and we ( Mary and friends) will work through you.  Many men are coming forth as Divine Masculine.  It is as if the curtain has dropped.  You cannot hide any longer. The curtain was fear.  The masculine and feminine are partnering.” 

Lewis Williams, SFO
Lewis Williams, SFO

These words could not better describe what I have understood to be true about the call of the Magdalene/Christ – to birth into the world the full integration of the Human and the Divine within us through the embodiment of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine coexisting in harmony within us.  We are becoming a new order of human beings – modeled by Jesus and Mary Magdalene and other Beloved Partners like them.

Toward that end, I am once again offering my Resurrecting the Magdalene course for women and men in the Oshkosh and surrounding area who are interested in claiming the Divine within them – both masculine and feminine – and learning how to do so through the model of Mary Magdalene in her time with Jesus.  To learn more, click HERE. 



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