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The Thirteenth Fairy

You most likely know me as the evil fairy from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, or more recently as Maleficent in Disney’s life-action revisioning of the Sleeping Beauty tale.  While the latter was closer to the truth in its telling, neither got it right.  No wonder, as the origin of both tales is the story of Briar Rose as told by the brothers Grimm – and the good brothers, in their telling, were about as far off from the truth as any tale could be.  For I am the Thirteenth Fairy and only I and my sisters know the real truth of who I am and what I am here to do.



I am the Thirteenth Fairy – thirteenth of the thirteen, born on the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month – for in our age, time is marked by the movement of the moon. Unlike the twelve months marked in cultures where god is only HE and where the sun honored as his symbol, we mark thirteen where the feminine in all of HER manifestations are honored as sacred.  Our thirteenth month, you now call mid-Capricorn, a time of great darkness – when all of humanity retreats from the active world, where the time of harvesting is done, all has been stored up for the winter the mid-winter celebrations complete.  The thirteenth month is a time of rest, a time of restoration, a time of deep inner reflection and self-contemplation, for in the depths of winter, there is nothing much else to do.  The thirteenth month in which I was born, and over which I reign, is a time for sleeping, dreaming, and inner growing.

Whether spring, summer, fall or winter, we all have our “thirteenth months” – times for retreat, introspection, resting, restoring, enjoying the fruits of our labor and deep, inner growth and transformation.  The thirteenth month is the time of the pine which stands proud against the glistening snow, the oak which retains its leaves until spring, the winter wheat which sleeps in the ground waiting for the returning warmth of the sun before showing its green.  It is the time of the stag and the hunt, the boar with its ivory tusks digging for mushrooms, the time of the wolf howling under an ancient moon while and honoring the medicine of mistletoe and holly.  The thirteenth month is related to night – for during the thirteenth month, even the sun sleeps.  As such, the thirteenth month is guarded by all creatures of the night – snowy white owls, ravens, bats, Luna moths and the black panther.  As the Thirteenth Fairy, in the company of my brothers, Pluto, Pan, Hades, Gwynn and Cernunnos, I am the guardian of the thirteenth month and all related to this timing.

It is easy to see then, where the brothers Grimm got the idea of the spindle and the curse of eternal sleep.  They got the sleeping part right, but they got it backwards.  While I have dominion over the time of sleep, my full power is in the waking.  For after we sleep we must awake – lest we die.  My task is to wake you up.  As in all the fairytales which bear the mark of my presence – the evil queen, the wicked witch, the jealous stepmother, the fearful mother, I have my tools – whether they be poisoned apples, flying monkeys, fields of poppies, red shoes that dance you to death, deadly combs, suffocating corsets or magic mirrors, they all serve a single person – to wake you up and set you on your quest.  But the quest I set you on is not one for the handsome prince, golden coins or riches.  Instead, the quest I set you on is the QUEST FOR YOUR SOUL – for here is where you shall find your true happily ever after!

Unlike the Fairy Godmother and other expressions of her presence, I do not leave you to your own devices – only to watch you fail.  No, I am there with you, every step of the way – whispering encouragement, offering tools of support and guidance, picking you up when you fall, drying your tears and holding you in my embrace when you feel you can’t go on.  I do this for you, because I have been there and done this for myself – successfully.  And I could not have done this without the Thirteenth Fairies who have gone before me.  For unlike the twelve fairies of light who only have eyes for the “good,” as the Thirteenth Fairy – I (we) see life for what it is – light when the way is easy and dark when the journey gets tough.  Unlike our pixie dust sisters who might shy away from the dark, we know the darkness is not something to be judged or feared, but honored as sacred, for we know that it is in the darkness where we will find our treasure!

It is in the darkness where we have an opportunity to face our fears, to stare down our demons, to battle the enemies that reside within – self-doubt, envy, hatred, sloth, pride, gluttony, selfishness and greed.  For every enemy we look in the eye and release the power it holds over us, we are one step closer to the boon.  Here is where the treasure lies – deep within all that we fear, beneath the muck and the mire of our unhealed wounds, past the tangled thorns of hurts and former betrayals, beyond our dreams of vengeance.  Here is our treasure and only the Thirteenth Fairy has the courage, the strength, and expertise, honed on experience, to accompany you to these depths.  I am the Thirteenth Fairy.

So, you may call me what you will, evil queen, horrible stepmother, wicked witch, malevolent fairy, the devil’s mistress, but I know the truth.  I am the Thirteenth Fairy and when my presence is made known in your life, a terrific journey is about to begin.  You then have a choice, to come with me and discover the most remarkable treasure – the treasure of your Soul, or turn away – where you are sure to die from the refusing.

Copyright 2015  Lauri Ann Lumby

Lauricurtsie.jpgLauri Ann Lumby is the Thirteenth Fairy – born on the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month with thirteen letters in her given name.  As a trained spiritual director, shamanistic practitioner, creativity partner, and life guide, Lauri helps to awaken you to the call of your soul and supports you on the way – as every good Thirteenth Fairy will do!


I am a trained, professional Spiritual Director, Author and Hands-on Healer. I offer services, programs and classes that empower you to hear the voice of the Divine that speaks from within you. It is the voice of the Divine that leads us to our highest truth, to the discovery and cultivation of our gifts and to a life of Authentic Freedom where we know contentment, compassion and joy. Your truth will set you free!

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  1. This is an absolutely OUTSTANDING piece of writing Lauri!! It is truly one of the most well written things I have ever laid eyes on. The content is incredibly good too, but the way you wrote this is spellbinding and captivating, filling me with a deep longing to absorb myself completely within the truth of your words. WOW……very powerful!!!

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