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Loving as Jesus Loved – Walking the Talk

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Walking the Talk:

I will be the first to admit that loving as Jesus loved is perhaps the most difficult task in the human experience. Jesus, in fact, died doing it. At the same time, it is in truth, the ONLY point of the human experience. If we are not here to learn how to love – then what is the point? Right!?

Learning how to love as Jesus loved is a life-long process and one that we will likely never perfect. All we can do is show up….and do our best, knowing that God loves us without condition no matter where we are on the journey. Learning how to love as Jesus loved starts with showing up. One of the ways we show up is through our daily spiritual practice. This week, your meditation “assignment” is to just show up. I’m not offering any specific practices, other than the invitation to show up. If you are able, show up every day to whatever practice you feel called to that day.

  • Show up to silence.
  • Show up to mantra prayer.
  • Show up to reading and meditating with scripture.
  • Show up to the enjoyment of nature.
  • Show up to snuggling your children or cuddling with your beloved pet.
  • Show up to listening to a friend.
  • Show up to singing or dancing your gratitude.
  • Show up to making love to your beloved.
  • Show up to recognizing God’s love in your daily life.
  • Show up to creating something beautiful.
  • Show up to giving expression to your feelings through writing or art.

Show up. This is all we have to do and how we get started in the journey of learning love as Jesus loved.

How are you showing up?


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