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Resurrection of the Magdalene Part II – Adoration and Activation

Resurrecting the Magdalene Part II – Model of Adoration and Activation

Last week, with the start of my new course on Mary Magdalene, including the Magdalene Activation and Ordination, we began the process of raising Mary from the dead. (Read last week’s blog HERE) After 2000 years of being maligned, misrepresented, denigrated, demoted, it is time to restore Mary Magdalene to her rightful place beside Jesus as devoted student and disciple, co-equal ministry partner, beloved, wife and even Co-Christ (put down your pitchforks, I promise to explain).

Last week we disproved the lies put forth about Mary as adulterous woman, sinner, possessed of demons, and restored her to her rightful place as the ONE who most fully understood Jesus’ teachings and who not only understood them, but took them to heart and embodied them.  Mary Magdalene became fully self-actualized as Jesus had been and in doing so, realized her own nature as both fully Divine and fully Human – thereby experiencing her own Christhood.  (remember – “Christ” is an honorific title, not a last name!).  In realizing her own Christhood, Jesus gave her the title “Magdalene” which means “Great Tower” (of faith and beacon of light).


This week we explored how it was that Mary was able to accomplish this task – becoming fully self-actualized and in doing so, becoming like Jesus – a Christ and a Magdalene.  Mary accomplished this by giving devoted attention and by offering her adoring presence to the one who had accomplished this before her – Jesus:

As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said. (Luke 10: 38)

Jesus was at first Mary’s teacher and guide and the one who provided the example of what it means to be self-actualized and how one accomplishes this level of psycho-spiritual development.  With single-minded focus and devoted attention, Mary sat at Jesus’ feet, taking in every word, soaking up the radiant love that freely and generously flowed through him and taking it all into her heart.  Through this rapt attention, Mary herself was transformed – her fears and unhealed wounds healed – and all sense of separation repaired so that like Jesus, she too came to understand the truth of Oneness.  Through this unimpeded transmission from teacher to student, Mary came to embody all that Jesus had come to know within himself and what he sought to share with others.  In receiving the fullness of Jesus’ teachings, in embodying all he had come to know, in freely and openly sharing herself in the world, Mary became like Jesus – a beacon of Divine love through which others came to be healed and transformed – and one by one – the world with them.

Mary provides for all of us an example of how we too can become fully self-actualized – experiencing the full integration of the Divine and the Human within us and embodying the Holy aspects of both.  Through Mary’s example, we are reminded that the way to our own Christhood begins with single-minded, devoted attention to our teacher – in this case Jesus (there are other teachers who have come to teach us how to become self-actualized – Moses, the Buddha, Mohammed, Indian Gurus, Medicine Men and Women, from all cultures and all traditions!).  Through this single-minded attention we are healed and transformed and the love embodied by our teacher, Jesus, is soon embodied in us so that we, like Jesus and Mary, can be beacons/vessels through which our world is transformed from fear into love.



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