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Devolve or Evolve? Hope for a Dying World

Barbara Marx Hubbard’s (revised and updated) Conscious Evolution:Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential should be a required text for all of humanity.  In Barbara’s view (one I wholeheartedly share), the increasing violence, environmental degradation, poverty, hunger, etc. that are plaguing our world are not harbingers of our ultimate demise (though they could be).  Instead, they are symptoms of a multitude of systems in collapse while a new and better world is being born.  We are on the brink of a monumental evolution of humanity – from individualism to a unified consciousness with a unified mission – working no longer out of our own selfish desires, but for the sake of the common good.  Barbara is speaking my language when she acknowledges that supporting individual self-actualization produces a self-actualized society which then leads to a kinder, more harmonious world.  If you are at all interested in helping to support the birth of a new world in such fields as business, government, education, healthcare, agriculture, environmentalism, spirituality, then please read this book.  Then find (or establish) groups in your community who are interested in being a part of birthing the new humankind!

ConsciousEvolutionBookCoverFrom the Publisher:

What if evolution, after unfolding unconsciously for billions of years, is now in the process of becoming self-aware, and for the first time intentionally choosing its future expressions?

New World Library is excited to be publishing a revised and updated edition of Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential  (New World Library, March 1, 2015), renowned futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard’s seminal book first published in 1998, which laid the foundation for the significance and impact around the world of the idea of conscious evolution. The new edition responds to the immense challenges and opportunities of current times by setting forth a vision of the vast transformational enterprise of the twenty-first century.

Barbara Marx Hubbard carries us beyond the human potential movement into the social potential movement. She describes a holistic social architecture to enhance and connect social innovations that are now evolving our world toward social synergy, interconnectivity, and spirit-based compassion for all.   The book also identifies the breakdowns in modern society, and gives us the systemic breakthroughs demonstrating that we are in the midst of a positive quantum change — a metamorphosis of humanity consistent with the recurring patterns of 13.8 billion years of evolutionary transformation.

Wheel of Cocreation
Wheel of Cocreation

Conscious Evolution offers processes that can bring humanity across the dangerous threshold of possible self-destruction to the point of the shift already under way — to help us realize that we have the capacity to survive and grow far beyond our current condition,” writes Hubbard. “This vision for a wholesome transition process is composed of initiatives that are already occurring but have not yet been connected, communicated, and understood to be vital elements of a whole system transition.”

Hubbard wrote Conscious Evolution specifically for those who have recognized the desire to transform and grow. It is a call to each generation to fulfill its creative potential. It provides tools and opportunities for each of us to participate in the greatest adventure in human history — our conscious evolution.

BBarbaraMarxHubbardarbara Marx Hubbard is a noted futurist, evolutionary thought leader, social innovator and public speaker.  Her other books include Emergence and Birth 2012 and Beyond.  She lives in Santa Barbara, California.  Her website is


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