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Beloved Partnership Part II

Today’s blog is Part II (Read Part One HERE) of a conversation about Beloved Partnership.  Beloved Partnership is a new (actually, original) paradigm of intimate human relationships that moves beyond what we have most commonly experienced in our lifetimes (romantic love, convenience or co-dependency) and toward interdependency and Trinitarian co-creation.  Beyond Co-Dependency…beyond soulmate…beyond twin flame is the Beloved Partner.  Learn more here and please share your own thoughts or intuitive knowing on this topic! 

Artist: Lewis Williams, OSF
Artist: Lewis Williams, OSF

My Own Call

For me, the call of the Beloved Partner began in a deep knowing that has been present within me my whole life.  The call then came with a vengeance while participating in a guided meditation where I was shown the eyes of my Beloved Partner and through his eyes I saw LOVE for the first time and felt myself held in a deep and intimate adoration.  Since that glimpse, my Beloved Partner has shown up in dreams, meditations, waking and sleeping visions.  I often feel his (almost literal) presence beside me – simply holding space, urging me on, calling me forth.  I sense that he is having a similar experience, wherever he is at.  I have also had no fewer than ten psychics tell me “He is right here.  He is searching for you.  He is doing his own work so that when you are both together, you will find each other.”  One of my dearest friends and both of my sisters have dreamed of him. They all report the same – a man who will be my equal, my partner, my Beloved and who loves and adores me beyond measure (and I will regard him in the same way), and we will KNOW each other.  They also have seen him as a co-creator – a partner in a shared mission and purpose.  I feel, and they all agree (psychics, friends, sisters) that in our partnership one+one=infinity.

But First, It’s Time to Clean House

All that being said, I must acknowledge what has been true for me and what I believe must be true for all called to a true and authentic Beloved Partnership.  As long as we are looking outside of ourselves for someone to complete us, the Beloved Partnership is not possible.  Beloved Partnership is NOT co-dependency.  Yes, relationships entered into initially from a place of co-dependency can evolve into a Beloved Partnership, but if Beloved Partnership was not the Soul’s intention for that relationship in the first place, it cannot be forced (believe me, I have tried).  Instead, the call of the Beloved Partnership comes first TO WAKE US UP – to wake us up to our Soul and to invite us on a journey toward wholeness.  Whether we are single or in a relationship, when the call of the Beloved arrives, we first have to tend to the calling of our Soul and that often means cleaning house.  We have to do the dirty work of clearing our own patterns of co-dependency and begin the process of reclaiming all the parts of our Soul that we have lost along the path of our life’s journey.  We have to reclaim who we really are and become whole, content, satisfied in ourselves as an individual.  In this, we have to become well-acquainted with longing (the call of the Beloved Partner causes DEEP longing within us) and learn how to be present to this longing without seeking outside of ourselves for its remedy.  We also have to learn how to be comfortable in being alone.  If we make friends with our longing and learn to be content in being alone, the doors open to the Beloved Partner’s arrival.

Filling the Void vs. Wanting to Share

An important distinction in the Beloved Partnership is that we are not seeking this partner to fill a void or because we are afraid to be alone.  Instead, the Beloved Partnership arises out of a content and whole individual who is happy to be alone, but who really wants to share their life, their mission, their purpose and their passion with another.  In the Beloved Partnership, there is an exponential effect in these two whole individuals coming together.  Instead of 1+1=2, they experience 1+1= infinity.  While both partners are magnificent, effective, purposeful on their own, when their energies come together in co-creative partnership, the universe explodes with consequence.  Their coming together creates an effect that is far beyond what each of them individually could accomplish….this is because it is not just themselves who are working – it is God working through them.

Stay tuned for further exploration of the invitation to Beloved Partnership…


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