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A Special Treat from Authentic Freedom Ministries

As a special treat for Authentic Freedom Virtual Church subscribers, I am sharing an excerpt from the sequel (as yet untitled) to Song of the Beloved – the Gospel According to Mary Magdalene.  (copyright Lauri Ann Lumby)


Blood.  There was blood everywhere.  Blood and red.  The red of the Roman army’s uniforms and cloaks.  Cloaks of red flashing across my vision and with every passing, there was death.  Flashes of red revealing crosses that now lined every hill, every walkway.  Flashes of red and crosses where my Jewish brothers hung executed.  Zealots, I’siims, Sadducces, Pharisees, Priests, merchants, paupers.  The Romans had shown no discrimination and no mercy in their bloody rampage.  Power over power over power as women and children littered the ground – broken, bruised and bloody shells staring vacantly – pleading toward a god who showed them no mercy as their final breath was wrested from their bodies.  Red cloaks flashing as the Romans marched over the corpses of the massacred in their advance toward the temple.  The Jews had given their very lives for the sake of the temple.  Then, all I saw was flames.  Flames engulfing priests as they ran screaming from the tabernacle they had failed to defend, wondering where their god was who had promised to defend them.  Flashes of red as the magnificent temple crumbled beneath the Roman’s feet – now laying in a pile of rubble, bone, burning flesh all soaked in blood as the Romans planted the red flag of their victory.  Flashes of red as the flames eventually died out, the smoke dissipated and the dust settled, revealing flocks of carrion bird feasting on what remained of our people, while the surviving few offered a groaning lament to a god who had left them for dead.  My heart sank in the devastation I saw before me – piles of rubble and bone and ash awash in a sea of blood while the red flags of victory signaled the Roman conquest…..

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