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Love Activations II

On Friday, January 9th, I posted a blog entitled Love Activations.  Since posting this blog, additional information has come in, along with a clear visual that we are no longer living in the 3D world, but have stepped fully into the new and true world – a world rooted in compassion and love and no longer guided by fear.

Love Activations Part II

First, read the first seven steps from Friday’s blog HERE.  What I have learned since Friday is that the love we are being called to embody needs our assistance so that it can fully ground within us.  Here are the steps I was given:

8) as you feel the fullness of the love in your heart, imagine the energy of this love spiraling down through your body in a clockwise direction, down through the lower chakras, through your legs, your feet and moving down through the earth, wrapping around the core of the earth.

9) Once this feels complete, return to your awareness to the energy in your heart and spiral it down in a counterclockwise direction in the same way as #8 above.

10) After this feels complete, visualize the love in your heart spraying upward toward the heavens and out into the world.

The most critical part of this practice is embodying the love and allowing it to be fully received into our body and anchored on this earth plane.  Return to this practice again and again as you feel the powerful energies attempting to be received into your body.  Remember – love is the most powerful energy we can be and receive.  As such, until we fully integrate this new (original) expression of love, it might feel disconcerting, anxious, even fearful.  Just keep spiraling the love through your body into the earth and allow the excess to fly out of you into the universe and all will be well. And know that this is all preparation /confirmation that we are crossing the threshold into the new world – a world rooted in love and no longer controlled by fear.

Tomorrow:  Crossing the Threshold!

Later this week:  Magic is real!

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