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Revisioning Baptism – Authentic Freedom Virtual Church Newsletter

Excerpt from this week’s Agape’ Meditation Newsletter, supplement to the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church.

“You are my beloved Son/Daughter; with you I am well pleased.”

If you grew up in the Christian tradition, baptism was described as the necessary means by which we are freed of our sins – specifically, the stain of original sin. It is also explained that baptism is necessary to be accepted by God and a requisite to reuniting with God after our death. (If you were raised Catholic, you had to be a Catholic in good standing to be accepted into heaven….but that is another story.)

Pardon my bluntness….but to all of this I call bull… (you fill in the blank)! If we believe in an all-loving, all-forgiving (that too is another story) God, then who or what could ever be denied reunion with God after death? Even Pope John Paul II said that if there is a hell, he can’t imagine that there is anyone there…

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