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2015 – Gateway to a New World

This is what we all have been waiting for.  For those who have spent the past 7-13 years in the drudge of deep inner transformational work… 2015 – herein lies our reward.  In this very moment, we are entering the gateway into a whole new world – but not so new really as it is the world we have all been dreaming of.  WELCOME 2015!!!!!


Tidal Waves

No, this is not a prediction of the devastation that will take place in 2015 (though for some the upcoming changes might feel that way).  Instead, the tidal wave is what I am seeing as poised and ready to crash in on us and carry us head-long to the life we have been dreaming of. Yes, for those who still live in fear and who make their livelihood using tactics of fear, intimidation, power and control, the tidal wave will crash over them and carry them down to the depths where they will have no choice but to confront their own fears and be freed of them.  But for many of us (certainly those reading this blog), we have already been doing this work – voluntarily (if you can call it that) and purposefully.  Those who have been doing the work of purging fear, separation, attachments, hatred, envy, gluttony, greed, etc. WE ARE DONE (ok, we’re never completely done……but the REALLY HARD work is done).  We are done with the deep, dark, excruciating, debilitating, exhuming, painful, sorrowful, heart and soul-wrenching work of freeing ourselves from the false self so that nothing but the true self remains.  When nothing but the true self remains, nothing but love remains and herein lies the magic of 2015!

Earth Heart

Enter the New World

It may take several years for the new world to be fully anchored on this plane – and I hesitate to even say “new world” because what is really happening is the false world of separation and fear is being stripped away so that the true world can be known.  As we strip away our own fears, we free the world itself from its costume of fear.  And then there is only love.  LOVE is what fuels our true self.  Love is what fuels the new (original) world.  And love = MAGIC.  Whereas the false world requires effort, work, driving, striving, forcing, cajoling in order for things to happen and manifest, the original world is all about magic.  When we are connected with Love (aka God) and know ourselves to be ONE with this love, we realize that our “New Year’s Resolutions,” 5-year and 10- year goals, and even our daily “to-do” list is best when formulated by God/Love.  We allow the Divine Law of Love to guide our paths and direct us in our ways.  We surrender our egoic desires to Love’s plan and we do what love tells us to do.  When we surrender to this plan, we can’t help but realize fulfillment, find peace, know happiness and love, and experience the abundance of all this world has to offer.  2015 is the gateway to the full manifestation of the world we have all been dreaming of.



The 2015 gateway is leading us to LOVE.  A world rooted in love.  A world where people realize the importance of their own self-realization and where people are committed to doing this work and making it a priority – both for themselves and for the sake of a better world.  A world where love guides our path and informs the way in which we care for the world and for each other.  A world where each individual is supported in identifying their own unique gifts and how they will find joy in engaging and sharing these gifts for their own fulfillment and for the sake of the betterment of the world.  A world where love leads to peace and peace leads to harmony and harmony leads to joy.  Bring it on 2015!!!!!!!


A little help from our friends…

If you are looking for additional support in moving through the 2015 gateway, I (Lauri Lumby) am always available for one-on-one mentoring.  Call (920) 230-1313 or email to schedule a session.  You can also subscribe to the weekly Authentic Freedom meditation newsletter and virtual church service.  Learn more HERE.  And, if you life in Oshkosh, please consider attending the weekly Superhero Academy sessions.

Finally a video from Matt Kahn that might help inform your 2015:

and a song from one of my favorite prophets who was only about 50 years ahead of his time.

Happy New Year!

Love, Lauri



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  1. Beautiful sermon this week, Lauri. Couldn’t agree with you more. You are a blessing! I hope all of your spiritual friends and readers will let the wisdom and love of your sermon resonate deeply within them for the New Year. And thank you for your extraordinary review of The Gospel of Sophia on Amazon.

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