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Dreaming a New World – that’s really not so new

Deep within our hearts lives our memories of home, along with the vision of what this world should be.  Keeping these memories alive helps us to create the world anew.


Writing of Home

I know one who calls it her “heaven home,”

I simply call it Anu.

Rolling hills sheltering hidden caves.

Vast open meadows of green and light.

Ancient woodlands untouched by time

And unharmed by the malice of men.

Glowing crystalline cities

Harnessing the power of light.

Magenta horizons tinged in orange

Skies a magnificent blue.

A yellow sun under sister moons guarding the day and the night.

A magical race where true love reigns

And only peace abides.

Where everyone’s needs are always met

And every wish fulfilled

For the only desire in anyone’s heart

Is the highest good of all.

Where people share freely of their abundant gifts

Fulfilled in a meaningful life.

Having realized the infinite truth –

Everything and all are one.

One with themselves

And the God out and in

One with each other

And all there is

Within the law of love.

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