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Was Jesus Married?

In today’s blog, I offer a video post in response to the recent news about another “new” ancient document about Jesus – this one saying he was married and had children.  Was Jesus married? Why do we care?  Here’s my response and how I portray in it my novel, Song of the Beloved – the Gospel According to Mary MagdaleneBUY IT NOW on Amazon! 

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(PS If you have trouble with this video link, try it on You Tube HERE.


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2 thoughts on “Was Jesus Married?

  1. But what is Jesus was… celibate (whatever that means) unmarried (whatever that means) and …..? I just don’t care anymore (in the best sense). Jesus in a box: celibate, married, children.. or not or all or gay or not or…. AH–more interesting if we just don’t know and live in mystery. What if… it didn’t matter 🙂 I like living that question more…. Kisses, Lauri!

    1. Jack,
      I completely agree. I don’t care. The Jesus in my heart, is the Jesus in my heart, regardless of what any institution or scholar says or doesn’t say…including me. 🙂 Miss you brother!!!

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