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Relentless Longing

This week, the topic of longing came up.  Why are we, as humans, always longing for SOMETHING MORE?  What is this longing about?  Why won’t this longing cease?  Why are we never content with WHAT WE HAVE?  The answer, in short is God, which makes this longing a mystery and beyond the scope of narrative or prose.  Poetry, it seems, is all we have to give voice to the human curse of relentless longing.



Made of Longing

Forever longing until we rest in God.

Prayerful glimpses of bliss

Sublime heights of ecstatic love.

Yet even in the greatest of mystics – these moments only fleeting.

In longing we seek the human experience.

In longing we find our return.

Seeking the most out of the human experience

While hurrying back to God.

Going out…coming in.




The constant push and pull of love,

Content within itself, yet always wanting more.

It is of this longing that we are made.



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