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Pre-Release Announcement – The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene

Dear Readers,

I just can’t keep this secret any longer.  This week, I put the finishing touches on my soon to be released novel,

Song of the Beloved – The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene.

Book 1 – The Jesus Years

This novel has entailed 5 years of writing, 20 years of research and a lifetime (s) of knowing.  I am humbled, awed and grateful to God/dess who gifted me with this project.  The book is now in the hands of my designers and I am anticipating a fall release.  So….stay tuned.  Below is a glimpse of the breathtaking cover art, The Magdalene, by Toni Carmine Salerno.  Thank you Toni for so generously sharing your gift with me and with those who will be blessed by this book!



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  1. Beautiful, amazing artwork. I can’t take my eyes off it and it gives me a very peaceful comforted feeling!  So excited for you! Love, Theresa

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