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Prayers for Peace and a Return to Love

With conflict heightening and violence increasing in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, I feel an urgent call to invite all Superheroes (hint…..we are all Superheroes) to pause for a moment today and PRAY for peace and send intentions for a return to love – in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the world.


If prayer isn’t your language, then use the following meditation:

Imagine in the center of your heart, a spark of Universal love, the same love that exists within all of humanity and all of creation.  Connect with that spark of Universal love within you and see it grow as you give it attention.  Then, “send” that love out into the world, specifically the place where you want to direct love (Israel and Palestine, Ukraine).  Imagine that love covering the conflict and restoring peace to the discord.  Then imagine that love connecting with the hearts of all involved in the conflict that they be reminded of the love that lives within them and within all of humanity.  Imagine love bringing healing and restoring peace to those in conflict.  Imagine love easing the fears of all who feel violence and war are the only ways to ease human conflict. Allow the Universal love within  you to move out, holding in love all those in the Middle East and the Ukraine who are suffering from the ravages of war.


For an update on what is going on in Israel and Palestine, click HERE. 

For an update on what is going on in Ukraine, click HERE. 

And a final intention:  LET LOVE RULE THE WORLD!

Earth Heart




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