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Readying for the New World

Yesterday, while sitting in meditation, my spirit journeyed.  I journeyed to the garden where I usually find myself when I know I have journeyed to the “Upper World” and where I meet with my spirit teacher.  Typically, this garden is abundant with life, the trees and the fruits and flowers on the trees vibrant and glowing with life.  In this garden, the colors are electric and far more vibrant than anything we can see in this world (except perhaps in the movie, “What Dreams May Come.” )


Yesterday, however, the garden was markedly different.  Instead of being vibrant and glowing with color and life, the garden was dying.  Everything was grey, drooping and dying.  I wept at what was once vibrant and alive, now crumbling in death. I asked my spirit teacher, “What does this mean?”

What she told me is that the dying, lifeless garden represents the world in which we are currently living – a world that is dying from the abuses of power and control and the fear that rules it.  I nodded my head in agreement.  Yes, the world in which we are currently living is dying.  What I was also shown, however, is that this dying is soon to come to an end as beneath the dying world lives the vibrant and glowing world that I had seen many times before.


Again, I nodded in agreement as this is what I have myself been feeling about the current struggles which plague our world and which seem to be increasing in severity, frequency and ridiculousness.  The temptation, in the face of all this chaos is to get caught up in the fear, to react to the fear and power-driven actions with defiance and rage.  Instead, and this was confirmed in my journey, the response is to WAIT and WATCH and HOPE and more importantly, to KNOW that what we are currently seeing in the state of our world is the final death throes of a fear-based world clinging to its final breath.  And the empaths, Superheroes, Mystics and Prophets know this to be true – as we literally FEEL the chaos of the world plummeting to its own death and collapsing upon its own self, getting ready to implode as the world watches in fear.

Again, the invitation is to NOT get caught up in the fear, but to receive these experiences as confirmation that the old world is dying so that the new world may come forth.  And while we await the dying world’s final breath, we are invited to hold it in gratitude and love for what it has taught us and for the experiences we have had in a world ruled by fear while at the same time, holding in love our vision for the new world –

vibrant, abundant and glowing with life

peaceful and harmonious

governed through cooperation

ruled by love



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