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The Kids Are Alright – Ministering to the New Grown Ups

In yesterday’s blog, I identified an audience of young adults, who I refer to as the New Grown Ups, whose needs are not being met.   (To learn more about the New Grown Ups….and to find out if you are one or know someone who is, click HERE.)  In short, the New Grown Ups are our future and they are here to change the world!  The problem is that few of them have been supported in their unique giftedness and even fewer have been taught how to understand, manage and best utilize these gifts. 

Born with a Knowing

One of the things that sets the New Grown Ups apart is that they were born with a knowing of what the world is supposed to be like.  To them, this world that they know in their SOUL is a “no duh,” and they don’t understand why the world isn’t this way.  Within them is an assumption of harmony, peace, love, unity and a world in which the environment is well cared for, energy is free and sustainable, farming methods are sustainable and organic, the world can exist without war, diversity of race, sexual and gender orientation, religion, etc. are not only tolerated but honored, and the needs of the poor, disenfranchised, etc. are tended to.  Education is grounded in creativity and innovation, medicine is holistic and corporations are working for and serving the good of the all. Sounds like a terrific world, right!?  EXACTLY.  Now you understand why the New Grown Ups are so pissed off.  The world that exists outside of them is NOTHING like the world they know in their heart.  And their greatest fear is that they are powerless to do anything about it.  Hence the despair, depression and apathy that often clouds the vision and call of the New Grown Ups.

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Here to Change the World

There can be no doubt about this – the New Grown Ups are here to heal and change the world!  Why else would they be born with such a deep knowing of a kinder and gentler world?  And….they have been given special gifts to help bring this new world into fruition.  Unfortunately, no one has taught them how to understand or use these special gifts, leaving them the victims instead of the harnessers of these gifts.



One of the most profound gifts given to the New Grown Ups is the gift of empathy.  Empathy, from this perspective, is a kind of intuitive gift.  The gift of empathy is most obviously recognized in the ability to FEEL the energy of another individual, a space, an experience or an event.  Empathy is most often experienced in a physical felt-sense of emotions that are not our own.  For example, a New Grown Up who has been gifted with empathy, can walk into a room and feel how everyone in that room is feeling.  They pick up the feelings and emotions of others.  Until they know they possess the gift of empathy and what to do with it, the New Grown Ups often act like a sponge or a Swiffer, picking up and taking with them the negative emotions of the people and space around them.  When used unconsciously and without intention and proper guidance, the New Grown Up is left feeling like crap – and not knowing why. The good news is that there is another way for the New Grown Up to use the gift of empathy – in a way that fulfills it’s purpose, which is to heal, but without doing damage to the New Grown Ups sharing that gift. I teach New Grown Ups the other way of using this gift.

Support for the New Grow Ups

The New Grown Ups are our future and they are here to change the world.  It is for this reason that I am offering support for the New Grown Ups – guidance that will help them identify, cultivate and harness their gifts, manage the anxiety of living in the tension between the world that currently is and the one they were born to bring forth, and find support in a community of other Grown Ups who share a common vision and similar challenges.  To learn more about how this support is being made available, click HERE. 




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