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New Church or Original Church?

In the conversation about Emergent Church, I often wonder if what is really happening is the Holy Spirit bringing us back to what TRULY matters.  Jesus came with a simple message:

Love God.

Love one another as I have loved you.

Historically, it only took man a few years to screw it up.  Jesus was also very clear about what his personal mission was:

Feed the hungry

Clothe the naked

Heal the sick

Bring sight to the blind

Set captives free

Emergent Church seems to be about returning to the simple mission and message of Jesus which ultimately boils down to


For today’s reflection, I want to share with you the ONE prayer that helps me to remember our task as followers of Jesus.  You can listen to it HERE.


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  1. Lovely, Thank you….. goes with Joan Chittister this morning re Pentecost…..

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