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Book Review: The Hero’s Journey

As a lifelong student of religion, spirituality and psychology, I have long been a fan of Joseph Campbell.  Passionate about the process through which human beings become self-actualized, I have found enormous value in “The Hero’s Journey,” the archetypal roadmap that emerged out of Campbell’s lifelong fascination with and study of myth.  In acquiring this roadmap, Campbell demonstrated to the world the universal longing to find meaning, purpose and fulfillment, what to expect when attempting to satisfy this longing, and the way in which every culture has communicated this process through their respective stories.  In providing the map for individuation, Campbell brings us together through the revelation of our common story.

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In The Hero’s Journey – Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work, (New World Library, 2014) I had an opportunity, for the first time, to see beyond Joseph Campbell, the mythologist and the legend, to Joseph Campbell, the man.  In this delightful collection of archival interviews, Joseph Campbell’s life is presented within the framework of his own creation – “The Hero’s Journey.”  In his own words, Campbell reveals the story of his life and demonstrates his own journey toward self-actualization, proving that self-actualization is possible and what, indeed, it looks like.  In this collection, the reader will find in Campbell, an inquiring youth, a passionate student, a competitive athlete, a “man’s man,” a consummate scholar and researcher, a voracious reader, an enthusiastic teacher, a loving and adoring husband, a wise observer of humanity, a man driven by his curiosity, and an endearing and generous self-fulfilled human being.   Campbell’s life proves that the journey toward self-actualization unfolds on its own and is facilitated by our ability to observe and accept the subtle “call to adventure” and that self-actualization is defined by the gift that you bring to humanity, not how much money, power or status you have acquired along the way.


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