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Already Who We Are Meant to Be

I suddenly realized today that I have been living the life of a priest/pastor for the past twenty years and I didn’t know it.  This realization crashed in on me after a busy morning of appointments and administrative work and as I reclined on the couch for a brief nap before venturing into a full afternoon and evening of client appointments.  I was taking “the pastor’s nap,” as my Catholic priest colleagues and former employers used to call it.  I received this awareness like a bolt of lightening and thought to myself, “Oh my God, I’ve been a priest all along…..I just never gave myself credit for it.”  These are the kinds of situations that make me really appreciate God’s twisted sense of humor.  Here I’ve been, wandering through the past 20 years of my life moaning and groaning with the question, “Ok God, what do you want from me?  What am I supposed to be when I grow up?  How am I supposed to serve you in my life,” when apparently I’ve been doing it all along.  As I surrendered to the pastor’s nap, I realized that I am already being who God made me to be.  So, I guess I can stop wondering and get on with being the priest/ess that God made me to be.


How you are already being who God made you to be?




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