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“Peace, Be Still” meditation practice

Jay P. Raeder
Jay P. Raeder

Today’s blog comes to us via Jay P. Raeder, a regular reader and contributor to this blog.  Jay has discovered and honed a daily meditation practice which has helped him to cultivate inner peace and one which he is able to turn to when confronted with normal, day-to-day stress.  Thank you Jay for sharing this practice with our readers.  I trust many will find inspiration, comfort and help through your words and your experience.

Peace, Be Still Meditation Practice

When I first began to meditate, I had no success until I began to use the verse “Peace, be still,” which Jesus used to calm the wind and sea. While feeling the energy flowing throughout my body, hands and arms, I would repeat this verse in my mind. Breathing in the word Peace first, knowing at first that my inner breathing seemed shorter than my outer breath. Then breathing out, in my mind, I would softly and slowly say, “Peace, be still.”  After awhile, the outer breath became so prolonged that at the end I felt as if I was no longer breathing, or thinking.  I had discovered, the great “pause within the pause,” as I came to call it.


In this state, as though I were dead, a great peace and love filled my whole being.  This was a release not of this world.  Then, when I breathed back in “Peace,” this also became prolonged and I felt an energy surge through my entire body, making everything vibrantly alive with new Life and Light.  As I continued there was a great silence beyond the senses. I could hear the crickets singing a circular song of Light! I could see and hear beyond senses! For the first time I knew what Eckhart Tolle meant by the “Power of Now”!


The next day, the trees, and everything were filled with the glorious Light of the singing crickets in the great silence! In the binary code I had become the 0 seeing through God’s eyes – 1 for the first time! The silence and the empty space became the same thing, experiencing the Spiritual universe recognizing itself through me becoming the “Light of the world”! This is a supernatural practice! I hope your readers may take this seriously and try it for a prolonged period of time! Even if a person just reaches the release phase of the out breath, after a period of time of practicing this daily, they will notice the Peace and Light beginning to come back to them throughout the day and night deep within and out!  In amazement, they won’t be disappointed!

Sincerely, with love and prayers always,

Jay P. Raeder



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