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Are You One of the Heaven Sent?

In yesterday’s blog, I wrote about and described those I called, “The Different Ones.”  I wasn’t really comfortable with this terminology, but chose it for lack of a better word.  Yesterday, a much better word revealed itself, “Heaven-Sent.”  Heaven-Sent more clearly described my understanding of “the different ones,” and in today’s blog, I invite you to ask yourself, “Am I one of the Heaven-Sent?”  (hint, if you are reading this blog, the answer is most likely “yes!” 🙂  )



As sons and daughters of God, created in God’s own image, each and everyone of us is heaven-sent.  There are some among us, however, who in addition to being heaven-sent, are Heaven-Sent.  All of us are sent here to play an important and significant role in the manifestation of God’s desire to create heaven on earth, and to be a vehicle through which God is expressing God’s self.  Some, however, have been sent to participate in this endeavor in a more directed way.  The Heaven-Sent don’t look any different than any other human being and you might not be able to spot one in a crowd…..but then again you might.  The Heaven-Sent possess within them a power and an energy which his magnetic and in a very quiet way, does draw your attention.  I know one Heaven-Sent who used to work the checkout line at one of our local grocery stores.  Simply by a look in her eyes, people were drawn to her.  Her lines were always the longest with folks urgent to be the recipient of her smile and her kind words.  Simply being near her made people feel good.  She is definitely one of the Heaven-Sent!!!

Are You One of the Heaven Sent?

Again, if you are reading this blog, you are likely one of the Heaven-Sent, but in case you have forgotten, it is my job to remind you.  This is how you will know that you are Heaven-Sent.  Keep reading and find out what you are supposed to do with that!

  • The Heaven-Sent possess a deep inner knowing, passion, even restlessness related to their Divine Call.
  • The Heaven-Sent possess a knowledge of how the world is supposed to be.  They LONG for a loving, harmonious, peaceful planet where the earth and all her inhabitants are lovingly cared for and they absolutely KNOW that what they envision is not only possible but critical.
  • The Heaven-Sent know that they have a role to play in manifesting this vision.  They might not yet know what that role is, but they yearn to know it and do it.
  • The Heaven-Sent have a passion for the well being of all of creation and don’t understand why others don’t possess this same passion.
  • The Heaven-Sent are extremely uncomfortable with the systems, organizations, structures of the world which stand in the way of creating and manifesting this vision of a loving and peaceful planet where all beings are being lovingly cared for.
  • The Heaven-Sent do not understand the current societal paradigms which seem to separate people by race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, etc.  They feel that all people are precious and glorious in the unique way that God made them and find themselves offended, even heartbroken when people are treated in any other way.
  • The Heaven-Sent have a deep love of the planet and are horrified to see what humans have done to decimate our world, destroying the natural harmony of the earth, poisoning our foods, tainting our water, etc.
  • The Heaven-Sent are vehemently opposed to violent means of settling conflict.  They believe in the ultimate good of humankind and the ability to resolve conflict in peaceful and loving ways.
  • In short, the Heaven-Sent are here to CHANGE THE WORLD.

You Have Been Called

If you believe that you are one of the Heaven-Sent, then it is your job to respond to this inner call and will find yourself dissatisfied until you do.  If you are one of the Heaven-Sent, here is a formula which will help you to heed that call, to learn your own unique role and to do something about it.

  • Set time aside in your life to BE QUIET.  Be still and LISTEN for the quiet voice of truth within that’s only desire is to reveal to you your unique role in bringing forth a new world.
  • Once you have begun to identify your calling, your ego will begin to fight against you.  Resistance and fear will emerge.  Your job is to find effective tools for transcending and overcoming these fears so that you can accomplish the mission you were sent here to do. (Hint…..I can help you with this part).
  • As you are accomplishing the above, seek out others of the Heaven-Sent.  Simply tell the Universe that you want to meet others like you, and you will.  You will recognize them through their eyes and through a sense of energetic resonance and recognition.
  • Begin to gather.  Get together with the Heaven-Sent that you have met.  Set time aside to gather together for quiet reflection.  In this quiet reflection, you will receive guidance on how you are to further work toward bringing forth the new world. As you gather, you might also decide to “pray” for the well-being of the planet, for the manifestation of the new world, for an increase in love.  I think of this part as simply deciding together to imagine the world bathed in love or to “send” love our into the world.

Now here’s a little secret:   your call might be as simple as this….to send the planet love……there might not be any battles to win, any structures to tear down, any institutions to crumble…simply being and sending love might be just enough to change our planet from fear to love.

If you are one of the Heaven-Sent and are looking for support in discerning and exercising your call, I am available for one-on-one mentoring.  Call (920) 230-1313 or email to schedule an appointment.  And if you are in the Oshkosh area, please email me with your interest and contact information as the Heaven-Sent of Oshkosh will soon be gathering. 


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