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How Authentic Freedom Helps

Today’s blog features a poem contributed by one of my clients (with her permission), Janet Fietz.  Her poem came out of a creativity/meditation exercise I gave to her, similar to something that might appear in an Authentic Freedom class or something I might invite a client to do.  The goal of the Authentic Freedom protocol (whether learned through a course or through one-on-one mentoring), is to give participants tools through which they can transcend and even heal the feelings and sensations Janet describes in her poem!  I am happy to report that Janet is doing a great job getting “untrapped.”  🙂




My shadow self envelopes me,

Grasping silver threads of weaknesses,

And it’s a knowing, an awareness that has arrived.

The darkness knows me,

We are deceitful, faithful friends,

Breathe into my soul,

Take my life.

We are as one.

And it is me,

I am the darkness,

I’ve trapped myself.

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