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Shut up! Wake up! and Grow up! – Part One

Perhaps I can blame it on being so sick I couldn’t leave the bed, couch or house for the past 6 days, or on all the appointments I had to cancel, or all the “work” I was unable to accomplish, or all the things I thought I needed that I couldn’t get…all of which were completely out of my control.  But at this moment….I’m filled with a fury that might result in a bit (or maybe a lot) of ranting about the current state of our world and the DRAMATIC need for change.  So, apologizing ahead of time….here is Lauri on her soapbox presenting her post-2013/pre-2014 rant…..SHUT UP!  WAKE UP and GROW UP!

Bellatrix angry

1) Dr. Oz!

God Bless Dr. Oz and Oprah and all they do to help support the wellbeing of our society.  BUT….if I see one more “lose weight fast with Dr. Oz’s latest miracle cure” ad on Facebook…..I’m going to McDonald’s and order myself up a Big Mac, Large Fries and Chocolate Shake, eat it all, feel like crap and enjoy the hell out of it!

Grow up Rant Number ONE:  There is no such thing as a weight loss miracle.  There are no get-skinny quick formulas.  And there are no get rich quick schemes that work.   Life is hard.  The fulfillment of our desires takes HARD WORK, time, dedication and commitment.  And even with all those things in place, sometimes we fail.  Why….because in addition to being hard, life is not fair.  This is part of the human condition.  Get used to it.  Of course, we all have free will and if you want to give all your time, talent and money to the next greatest weight-loss, money-making, healing cure, then go for it.  While the purveyor of the promise gets rich, you are losing money, probably gaining weight and not getting any healthier.  If you want to make a lifestyle change that will support the return of a healthy natural weight and if you want to become healthier… right, exercise, take care of your mental, spiritual and emotional bodies, and find a support system to help you do this over the long-haul.  And if you are still in the pursuit of riches….you might want to give that a second thought….

2) Money = Happiness

Big fat news alert:  CAPITALISM has failed!!!!!   Oh yeah, the less than 1% has benefitted from this model of economics, and unfortunately, it is the less than 1% that gets glamorized in the media.  Other than Jersey Shore, I contend that the worst program ever to grace our airwaves is MTV Cribs (recognize a theme???)…..stories of nobodies who became “famous” and built a house to conspicuously display their wealth, making the rest of America envious of our humble abodes.  Really…..who needs a gold inlay of your face in your foyer floor AND in the floor of your swimming pool?????  And who wants to buy a house from the one-hit wonder rapper who goes bankrupt that has a gold inlay of said-rapper’s visage???  As the rich get richer the poor have gotten poorer and the middle class has all but disappeared.  And many of the rich, it seems, are getting rich at our expense – poisoning our food, depriving us of sustainable energy, destroying our environment, blocking access to quality healthcare and education. Something is VERY WRONG with this picture. Rich does not equal happy.   Money, fame and possessions,  are not the measure of success and do nothing to ensure the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of humankind.  Ask your child for a moment, what would they rather have?  Your time with them or your time at work trying to earn more money to buy them more things?  There is a reason the majority of the world hates us….and it is because of capitalism….what it has done to us and what it is doing to them.

GROW UP rant #2 – QUIT chasing after wealth and pursue the only authentic path to happiness – that which comes from within.

3) False Prophets

As I told my friend Kate yesterday, “I calls ’em as I sees ’em,” so here goes: the whole pop-cultural phenomenon of prosperity/abundance theology makes me want to puke! Just think…..if you could only think the right thoughts (ahem….an impossibility for those of us who struggle with anxiety and depression!!!!), you would have everything you ever hoped or wished for.  And…God loves you so much that you deserve to have everything you hope and dream for.  And it is a measure of how much you believe in God’s love for you to plop a big fat wad of cash in this collection plate, or for this program, or for this seminar, so that you can hear the latest, greatest, get-rich scheme cloaked in spirituality.  Friends, I am here to tell you….this is all bullshit!  Getting rich has nothing to do with God.  Receiving what is in our highest good has nothing to do with thinking the right thoughts.  Achieving our soul’s purpose has nothing to do with how much we are willing to pay someone to demonstrate our sincerity.  So if I ever ask you to pay more than you are able for the programs and services I offer, then you have my permission to call me out! (I offer everything on a sliding scale….and I offer many things for free!!!! Please ask for assistance if needed and everything is up for negotiation.  I don’t know you need assistance unless you ask however, so please ask!)   I could name names here…..but for the sake of avoiding charges of slander, just think of anything that promises wealth cloaked in the guise of God or asks you to invest more than you are comfortable investing.  And at the risk of facing the Inquisition (again!!!!)…..tithing doesn’t necessarily mean giving 10% of your money to your church.  God’s love does not have to be earned.  It is unconditional.  Tithing does not help buy our way into God’s good graces or into heaven.  So if you don’t have it, or you don’t feel tithing to be life-giving, don’t do it.  Better yet….give your money (if you have it) to a worthwhile cause….and the cause might be your church if they are working for the poor, for the sake of justice and in the Spirit of love, or it might not.  Or even better….give of your time and talents.  YOU have been uniquely gifted to serve the betterment of the world….find out what your gifts are and share them!

WAKE UP call #1! God promised LOVE (God’s love!!!!) as the pathway to happiness NOT money or possessions!

To be continued…..


I am a trained, professional Spiritual Director, Author and Hands-on Healer. I offer services, programs and classes that empower you to hear the voice of the Divine that speaks from within you. It is the voice of the Divine that leads us to our highest truth, to the discovery and cultivation of our gifts and to a life of Authentic Freedom where we know contentment, compassion and joy. Your truth will set you free!

4 thoughts on “Shut up! Wake up! and Grow up! – Part One

  1. If you haven’t already seen the 2011 documentary, “I Am” by Tom Shadyac, I highly recommend it. I think it fits perfectly with your blog post today!

  2. Your rant is interesting, there is merit in your thoughts and perspective, and thanks for the contrast to my beliefs, as it affirms my way of thinking. I’ve never envied others success, I try to understand what about the person’s work ethic, drive, creativity, commitment has lead them to his or her success. May be I am content having my version of success, and may be I am unwilling to go the extra steps to be wildly wealthy. What I do have is what you refer to, hardwork, tenacity, networking, connecting with others, giving, receiving and doing my best to stay in flow. Knowing that by being me, by giving and my willingness to receive is a balance. The overall thinking that Capitalusm has failed is not true, historical facts past and present debunk this logic. We have had an unsuccessful war on poverty, we keep throwing money at people, free services and the yield is more people in poverty. We need to uplift and inspire people to know they’re not broken. We humans have many vices and crutches to rationalize why we can’t, why we blame others for our present condition, why we can’t breakout, we have many reasons to feel sorry for ourselves and remain stuck. And, we really get in sensed when someone calls us on our shit, we don’t want the wake up call. Money and wealth is a state of mind, who cares who has what, and who has not. What matters is how our we operating in the world. There is a healthy balance to a free market society with social programs to support our most in need, but today able bodies people have decided they are a victim and as needy as a blind man or a truly impaired or disabled person. We have bought into this story of have and have nots, it’s ridiculous. Take your weight loss depiction, and it is relate able to the money and wealth scenario you layout. I agree with you wholeheartedly — count calories, exercise, eat healthy for your body. There is no special, healthy diet that is one size fits all, that is also a falsehood. I’ve engaged in every diet regime and when I juiced and are raw food my hair located like a Brillo pad. For me, a balanced diet with fresh fruit, veggies, yams, beans, lean proteins work well for me. I am not going to push my dietary choices on someone else, it silly, illogical to think one diet plan is the appropriate or holy grail for another.

    Thanks again for your rant, your gift of writing and your willingness to convey your thoughts — to a prosperous, joy filled year!!!

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