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Book Review – Pick Your Yoga Practice

PickYourYoga_cvr.inddAs a yoga practitioner, I can attest to the challenge of finding a yoga practice that is the right fit.  With so many philosophies of yoga and forms of practice, the search can feel daunting and overwhelming.  Often one is left to haphazardly step into a yoga studio, only to find that the style of yoga taught there is “not for me” and without additional information, one might be tempted to believe that “if yoga isn’t for me at this school, I won’t like it anywhere else.”  I can personally attest that this is not at all the case.  There is a wide variety of philosophies and forms of yoga, and there is one to fit every person’s need. he challenge is sorting through all the forms of yoga and their often foreign vocabularies to discover which one is right.

Meagan McCrary, with her book, Pick Your Yoga Practice, takes the guesswork out of this search and assures the reader that if they haven’t yet found a yoga studio or practice that resonates with them, to keep searching; eventually they will find the practice that resonates with their personal philosophies as well as their physical needs and abilities. Meagan begins this process by describing what yoga is and by providing an overview of yoga’s nearly 5000 year old history.  She then goes on to explain the expansion of yoga from India to the West and the wide variety of yogic philosophies and practices that developed in the West, including Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Forrest, Integral, Iyengar and Kundalini (among others). McCrary provides detailed descriptions of each of these unique yogic disciplines as a way to assist the reader in understanding the variety of yogas available to them, and as a way to help them choose the practice that might be right for them.  In addition, throughout the text, she provides helpful definitions, insights and explanations of yogic thought and practices, easing the reader into a more knowledgable experience of yoga.

I loved this book and would recommend it for a wide audience – those merely curious about yoga, those new to their mat, seasoned practitioners and even trained yoga instructors.  This book is packed with helpful information and insights which will assist readers in developing and deepening an enduring and fruitful yoga practice.

webMeaganheadshotMeagan McCrary is a Los Angeles based yoga teacher and the author of Pick Your Yoga Practice. She teaches for Equinox Sports Clubs, works one-on-one with some of the entertainment industries leading professionals, and holds workshops and retreats nationally and internationally.  Visit her online at



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