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Sidelined by our Failures

A huge part of the midlife journey is recovering from our past – healing unhealed wounds, grieving unmourned losses, undoing unhealthy patterns of behavior and forgiving our failures.  One step we can take in that process is going back over our failures and examining all the little (or big) things which happened that caused us to set aside or forsake our dreams.  Once we have identified these “failures,” we need to forgive ourselves and then decide if this is a dream which might want to be reclaimed.  While I will never perform Rachmaninoff at the Met, or sing Ave Maria at the Vatican, but that doesn’t mean that I need to let the failures of my youth prevent me from playing piano or leading chant or song.  Which childhood dream have your forsake that might deserve a second look?


Choking on Beethoven

On Beethoven I choked

And quit performing.

Psalm 139 stole my breath

And I quit singing.

Why is it that failure causes us to forsake our dreams?

In a less-than-perfect world,

The expectation – perfection.

Betrayed by our dreams

Betraying ourselves

And all the world suffers.

copyright 2013  Lauri Ann Lumby


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