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NALT Christian Project

Dear Readers,

I am coming out in support of the NALT Christian Project – an internet-based video project in support of LGTB rights.  As a heterosexual woman, raised Catholic, with 12 years of Catholic school and another 7 years of post-undergrad studies in Catholic theology, spirituality and spiritual formation, who worked in the Catholic church for 12 years……not to mention with over 20 years of contemplative prayer under my belt……I can see nothing but LOVE in the message of Jesus.  And when Christians twist Jesus’ words into something that is hateful or prejudiced, or as a justification for violence or discrimination, a disservice is done to us all.  I believe we are all one with God in love – and that means EVERYONE…..male, female, child, adult, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual, African American, Indian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan, Atheist, American, Mexican, Iraqi, Syrian, Russian, Sudanese, etc. etc. etc.  It is for this reason, that I have posted the following video and submitted it to the NALT Christian Project.   If you are inspired by the work that Dan Savage is doing on behalf of the LGTB community, and called to share your voice on their behalf, then I encourage you to do so.  To learn more about the NALT Christian Project, go to their website:

Without further ado….here is my video:

And….thank you for sharing!

All love,

Lauri Ann Lumby

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