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Midlife and Menopause – Reclaiming Curiosity and Creativity

First of all….check out my latest YouTube posting Surviving Midlife-Confronting DeathNow, let’s get to the business of today’s post, why the midlife and menopause journey can be such a challenge…..and we only have our culture to blame for beating the creativity and curiosity out of us, starting at a very young age.


Midlife and Menopause – Reclaiming Curiosity and Creativity

The purpose of a midlife crisis, perimenopause and menopause is to birth our Soul – the unique way we are creatively gifted to find meaning, purpose, connection and fulfillment in our lives and the way in which we find fulfillment by contributing to the betterment of our world.  The BIGGEST part of the midlife journey…..and ultimately its purpose… to AWAKEN our CREATIVITY and REINVIGORATE our sense of CURIOSITY. The person God made us to be is creative, curious, generous, loving and kind.  Unfortunately, we live in a culture that from a very early age, beats the curiosity and creativity out of us.  I was recently reminded of how insidiously our culture works against our original nature, making the midlife journey not only necessary, but a bit of a challenge. (I contend that if we raised our children differently, midlife would be more of a blip on the radar instead of the full out spiritual and emotional ass-kicking it tends to be.)

Case in point – How we destroy curiosity and creativity.

1) The first example involves my son.  My son is an average, 13 year old male who, in addition to being driven toward being active, is wicked smart, curious, independent, free-thinking and has a pretty mature emotional intelligence compared to most kids his age (and even some adults). So…… can only imagine the challenges he has in school…..where they seem to want compliance above all else. Every time he demonstrates his gifts, his desire to be challenged, his curiosity and most of all, his creativity, he is punished and his father and I find ourselves saying, “Wil, just stay under the radar.”  No parent should have to say that to their creatively intelligent and curious child! And it’s not like he’s a criminal.  He is a good, responsible and caring 13 year old boy…he’s just “too smart for his own good.”   What saddens me is that as this continues, he has become more and more disillusioned and unhappy with school.  “I hate it,” is his common reply. And our son is not the only one who is being punished….curiosity, creativity and humor is slowly whittled away in our children….in the same way it was whittled away in each of us.  Show creativity.  Get punished.  Act in ways appropriate to our developmental stage.  Get punished.  Question self-appointed authority.  Get punished.  etc. etc. etc.   Here is another example.

2) Recently, I attended a funeral service held in a Catholic Church. In the time between the “viewing” and the beginning of Mass, a group of young children….obviously unfamiliar with the nature of Catholic ritual, etc. were roaming the chapel… curiously going from shrine, to statue, to prayer candles, to altar to podium, doing what children do….they were looking, touching, discussing, exploring and pretending…pretending they were saying the Mass or reading from the pulpit.  As the curious children were playing between the altar and podium, a church “official” came up and angrily shushed and shooed them away.  As I looked on….all I could think of was, “Instead of shaming these children for being naturally curious, I would use this as a teaching moment.  I would take them to each shrine, the prayer candles, the tabernacle, altar and podium and explain what each of those things were used for and what they represented.  Then I would let them touch, explore, pretend to their hearts’ content.  I thought this was a perfect opportunity to honor the curiosity and creativity of children, instead, they were taught that in our society, we are punished for being creative and curious.  SIGH!

Midlife and Menopause – Reclaiming Curiosity and Creativity

I’m sure you have a million and one examples from your own childhood where your curiosity, creativity, initiative, incentive, passions, drives, intuition, truth were punished….all because we live in a culture that wants us to conform and wants us to seek approval.  So….you can see why the Midlife journey is so dang hard.  Because in our childhood, our creativity and curiosity were stifled, midlife becomes about re- awakening our creativity and reclaiming our curiosity so that we can have the life of fulfillment, meaning and purpose that was intended.  But, in order to get this, we have to work against the conditioning of our past.  We have to overcome societal “shoulds.”  We might have to disturb the status quo and someone might not be happy about it.  Of course, we do have the option of ignoring the midlife call and remaining in the life that is familiar, if not fulfilling.  But then what are we left with, “a life of quiet desperation?”  NO THANK YOU.

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  1. When my two boys were growing up I spent way too much time defending them to their teachers, stating that they weren’t cookie cutter kids and I was not going to make them feel “less than” or have them take medication (without exhausting every other method). Now that they are 20 and 16 and continue to march to the beat of their own drum I consider standing up for them one of my greatest accomplishments!

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