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Guest Blogger – Jay P. Raeder

Today, we are taking a little break from the midlife, menopause and perimenopause discussion to enjoy the creative gifts of guest blogger, Jay P. Raeder.  Jay is a devoted reader of this blog and shared the following magnificent words with me which clearly depict the outcome of his own diligent spiritual practice and attention to his personal journey of healing and wholeness as part of his own midlife journey.  I was moved by Jay’s words and asked if he would be willing to share this poem with you.  Thank you Jay for sharing your gifts in the world and by inspiring us through your words…and more importantly, by your open, generous and enthusiastic heart!      

Peace Dove

    Circle of Light

     Searching for unfolding Self,no longer accepting just a face on a shelf.

    Beginning to glimpse twinkling Starlight within,till all its mist’s fading Light ends,where clear Starlight’s shining Amazing Grace surely transcends!

    Seeing Light’s inner beauty in sad faces of sighs walking by,smiling lovingly back at them waiting for the winning prize!

    The peace of Oneness arises within, without the fearful mind,when it awakens in its ceaseless Circle of Love Light’s lost Wholeness from eternities parenthesis of life’s finite knowledge left behind.

    New creation’s Personal intimacy of an Impersonal Creator’s love for us has already completed the last Jubilee’s Circle of Light when “The Alpha and Omega” said “It is finished” on the cross and won the Personal fight!

    His greatest miracle of love has never diminished! Yet,for this uniquely Personal Love we must lose all-together our old minds darkened blemish. 

    Learning to think for ourselves we will succeed by the indwelling Holy Spirit of Ones Wholeness Who watched Christ bleed,now Seed to our souls soil Personally if from all separating thinking of ourselves we sever from indeed!

    One Love,One Light now filling all creations glory written in our hearts and minds a brand new story! 

    No more smoke blown in our faces ordered to listen, just more and more Truth’s deeply liberating Starlight’s unfading glisten!

    Our truly unique gifts now discovering inner joy unknown,with hearts of flesh ever more so limitlessly grown!

    All creations beauty of Wholeness now seen within all,as the Hearts One body,One Earth,One creation never again limits our view of only a life so small!

    Misty twinkling star’s scales fall like dust from our inner eyes of the empty Tree of Knowledge’s powerless darkened thinking,never again disguised future,of giving in to just the mind’s scent’s of its fear’s illusion caused overblown lies!

    Our Morning Star’s new dawn of day comes over the horizon enlightening “Now’s” priceless beauty,awaiting new glimpses at bay,enjoying the splendor of sweetened’s silence come what may!

    In each of “Now’s'” deeply felt moments nothing passes you by in your gaze,its where hindsight loses all of its errors of fate-less fears past illusions and leaving you feeling nothing but ours,and all Creations praise!  

    So,don’t lose all grip where all believed dross’s crude meaning,and truth,seemingly heartlessly fade from view. In empty broken hearts ground this is where finite knowledge’s nothingness gives birth to the new mornings gentle sparkling dew!

   Our hearts most fertile soil “Now” begins, where in New Soils depths and beautiful new roots of nature’s hope of delight’s dwells there,waiting,where patience’s new songs are filling the hills and valleys with joy throughout the air!

   Like the luxurious “Lillie’s of the field”, Infinities Seed is sown with ever deepening care of roots which mind can hardly even keep it’s precious ties,yet still come through,”Lilies neither toil nor spin”,to clothe,mind knows not why,because True Creation grows where money cannot buy!

  The worlds worries will more and more pass you by, and you may not truly know it for sure,and defy,until every time you see the Light filled smile in the stranger that passes you,and its finally then you’ll truly know why!

                                                Jay P. Raeder

Jay P. Raeder
Jay P. Raeder

About Jay (in Jay’s own words):

As a guest writer for Lauri,I would like to add something about myself.  I am a writer, poet, songwriter, musician, and a photographer. I am delighted to have been asked by Lauri to share this poem I recently wrote, with all her devoted readers. Thank you sincerely.


I am a trained, professional Spiritual Director, Author and Hands-on Healer. I offer services, programs and classes that empower you to hear the voice of the Divine that speaks from within you. It is the voice of the Divine that leads us to our highest truth, to the discovery and cultivation of our gifts and to a life of Authentic Freedom where we know contentment, compassion and joy. Your truth will set you free!