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What to Expect in Midlife and Menopause – Confronting Fears

The purpose of a midlife crisis, perimenopause and menopause (from a spiritual perspective) is to move us beyond childbearing to birthing ourselves…and this is as true for men as it is for women.  During midlife and menopause, we are invited to leave behind the life we have known to make room for the new life that is trying to be born through us.  In birthing our new selves, we are birthing our Soul – the unique way we are creatively gifted to find meaning, purpose, connection and fulfillment in our lives and the way in which we find fulfillment by contributing to the betterment of our world.  Last week, we talked about the midlife crisis or awakening that heralds the midlife journey (which includes menopause), the process of revisiting our past and the map of midlife.  Yesterday we explored the shattering of illusions.  Today we continue the process of exploring the many aspects of midlife by examining the fears that we must confront and overcome in approaching the birth of our Soul.

Midlife Map

Dealing with Midlife and Menopause – confronting our fears

The purpose of the midlife (perimenopause and menopause), transition, is the birth of our Soul – the uniquely creative way we were gifted to know meaning, purpose, connection and fulfillment in our lives and through which we are compelled to serve the betterment of the world.  In birthing our Soul, we must first let go of all the things in our lives which are no longer life-giving and supportive of the new person God/dess is calling us to be.  In order to do this, however, we must first confront our fear of change and our resistance to leaving what we know.  In the birthing of our Soul, we must also confront the reality that quite often, the person our Soul desires us to be will cause us to confront the status quo, societal “shoulds,” rules and expectations.  The birth of Soul separates us from the egoic, materialistic, consumeristic norms of Western society and makes us vulnerable to the rejection of those attached to the status quo.  The birth of the Soul also invites us to confront our personal attachments to money, power, status, materialistic gain and achievement.  In order to birth the Soul, we might have to simply our lives and detach ourselves from Western society’s measurements of success.  Birthing the Soul requires that we listen to the voice of truth within and let go of the outside perceived authorities clamoring for our attention.  Birthing the Soul compels us to live from our heart and to embrace a life that gives us joy, peace and a sense of expansiveness and freedom.  Embracing the path of the Soul in midlife raises all of our inner fears that are attached to what is known and afraid of the perceived insecurity of not knowing.

In my book, Authentic Freedom – claiming a life of contentment and joy, I reveal the seven core spiritual fears that we will confront in the midlife journey, and provides tools through which we are able to identify these fears as present within our lives, and tools through which we are able to transcend these fears:

There is not enough (money, time, sex, power, things, status, fame, etc.)

I have nothing to contribute, no unique and special gifts and I am unable to  bring forth life/change that will persist.

I cannot be or live my truth/Soul

I am not loved (fear of rejection)

I am unable to express my truth

I do not know (my path or my truth)

I am alone

If you are seeking help and support in confronting the fears of midlife (menopause and perimenopause), I am available for one-on-one mentoring in person, over the phone and via Skype.  To schedule a session, call (920) 230-1313 or email



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