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Searching for our True Selves

In the human search for meaning, purpose and connection, and in our desire to find the uniquely creative way we are gifted to serve the world, we encounter glimpses of our True Self – the most authentic, real, original part of who we are….the person God/dess created us to be.  We can find our True Self when we move away the debris of our fears, our false perceptions and illusions we have constructed to keep it safe and hidden from the harsh and dangerous world.  We also find our True Self when we give ourselves permission to dream and create.  The following is a poem contributed by Trish Breberg who attended my Unleashing your Creativity workshop and caught a glimpse of her True Self.

Trish Breberg, poet and writer
Trish Breberg, poet and writer

I see you peeking out from behind a dandelion,

Where have you been?,

Curly hair, chubby thighs, smiling,

Could that be me?

So long ago I forgot …..

What does your True Self look like?


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