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Guest Poet – Samantha Smith

In anticipation of the upcoming release party for my latest book, Returning – a woman’s midlife journey to herself, I am sharing a poem written by Samantha Smith.  Samantha Smith graduated from Lawrence University with a major in Gender Studies and minors in History and English. She is going on to pursue a degree in Public History from Loyola University Chicago this fall, and after that will attend Dominican University for a degree in Library and Information Science. Aside from her career interests in archival science, she enjoys sharing food and conversation with friends, writing poetry and prose, and creating visual art piecesThank you Sam for sharing your beautiful poetry and even more beautiful self with my readers!

Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith

The Line

I collect pictures with pinchers,

Waiting on sentiment, a lonely friend.

Skulls emerge,

Together brittle limbs carry weighted tragedy.

Sprains, inflammation, torn muscles ensue,

I try so hard to constantly carry you.

Your body dead and under,

I resurrect it in your dust-lined graves,

Sprinkled around the house, in every memory.

Forgiveness looms in the background,

I know a body’s there but I dare not turn around.

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