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Life Passion and Purpose

Today’s blog explores the human longing for passion and purpose, the search for fulfillment, contentment and joy and the little clues that arrive on our path to show us the way. The key is to look for those things that make you heart sing!


Longing for meaning, passion, purpose

As I state in my mission statement, SOUL is the unique way you are creatively gifted to find meaning, purpose and connection. Soul, when engaged, leaves you feeling fulfilled, content and whole.  From the moment we are born, until the moment we die, Soul seeks to be known in the world through us and compels us to fulfill its purpose.  We know that we have encountered Soul and are allowing Soul to fulfill its purpose when we feel content, whole, peaceful and filled with joy.  Soul is the way that we are called to be of service to ourselves and in service to the betterment of our world.  Soul is the universal calling and our common destination, yet for each and everyone of us, the manifestation of Soul is unique and reflective of our own creative gifts.  The good news is that we are not alone in our search for Soul and the Universe is gracious enough to plant little clues along the way to help us in our search for the Soul.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

We can know that Soul is calling to us when we are aware of a deep inner longing for “that which cannot be named.”  We know that Soul is calling when we feel restless, discontented, lonely or bored.  These are all signs that the Soul is ready for its next adventure (for the Soul continues to reveal itself and in truth, is never fully manifest).  The search for Soul begins like a game of hide and seek, with Soul calling out to us, “Come find me,” while we gently implore, “Come out, come out, wherever you are.”  Then like a treasure hunt, Soul plants little clues along the path to help us find our way. In the hide and seek, treasure hunt of finding the soul, hindsight is 20/20, but as one who has played this game for nearly fifty years, I can tell you what to look for in identifying those clues.

Shiny Objects and Sparkling Things

In the search for Soul, it is best to put on the eyes of the Raven or Crow.  Raven and Crow are known for their love of shiny objects.  In their search for nourishment and partnership, they are dazzled by shiny objects which they scoop up in their beaks and bring back to their nests.  Raven and Crow nests are known for being filled with sparkling things they have collected in their many journeys.  The hunt for Soul is much the same.  In searching for the clues to Soul, we too are invited for look for the things that sparkle, that contain a special glow, that shimmer and shine.  In short, we are invited to look for the things that MAKE OUR HEARTS SING.


Magic, Moonbeams and Morgan LeFay

Looking back on my nearly fifty year journey, these are some of the clues that Soul planted in my path and which guided me to my purpose as mother, writer, priest, midwife, counselor, teacher and healer. 

1) My all time favorite TV  and movie characters:  Samantha Stevens (from Bewitched) and Mary Poppins.

2) All my life I have been a voracious reader and learner.  I am never without one or ten books to read, and am often in the midst of reading several.

3) My passion for learning….when I find a subject that sparks my passion, I find every book on the topic and read every one that resonates with me (speaks to my heart!).

4) All the people I idolize are either authors or change makers.

5) The first “famous” person I met was an author, Mary Rodgers of Freaky Friday fame.  I even got her autograph!

6) My favorite books as a teenager were stories of the saints.  The ones that really spoke to me were Joan of Arc (go figure!) and St. Bernadette.  My childhood dream was to make a pilgrimage to Lourdes.  (still on my bucket list!)  As a grown up, my go-to girls are Mary Magdalene and Theresa of Avila.

7) Jesus Christ Superstar.  Hearing this soundtrack for the first time COMPLETELY changed my world.  Suddenly, Jesus was a real human being with real vulnerabilities and Mary Magdalene became an important part in his ministry and in the life of the Church.

8) Mists of Avalon – another book that changed my life and my life course.  In reading that book, I felt I had come home.  In the character of Morgan LeFay, I found a woman of strength, vulnerability and purpose and in the Celtic lore, I was reminded that magic (as in God working through us) is real.

I could go on with about another million clues, but you get the idea.  The key is to look for those things that make your heart sing, and there you will find clues as to what your Soul wants you to be.

What does your Soul want to be through you?

What are the clues that have led you along the path to your Soul?


I am a trained, professional Spiritual Director, Author and Hands-on Healer. I offer services, programs and classes that empower you to hear the voice of the Divine that speaks from within you. It is the voice of the Divine that leads us to our highest truth, to the discovery and cultivation of our gifts and to a life of Authentic Freedom where we know contentment, compassion and joy. Your truth will set you free!

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  1. Lauri,

    Thank you. The soul speaks all the time. We need to learn how to hear it. That is a skill not taught in many places. Your hints are very helpful.

    Mike B.

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