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Returning – A Woman’s Midlife Journey to Herself

Today’s review comes from Prudence Tippins, fabulous woman, extraordinaire!  Prudence and I met during a manuscript proposal workshop and reconnected through the fabulous wonders of social media (aka  Facebook).  Prudence has been my creative writing mentor, fellow sojourner, teacher, sister and friend.  As Prudence has enthusiastically supported and uplifted the rebirth of my creative writer, I am anxiously anticipating the release of her next magical work.  You can learn more about Prudence through her website, Calliope Center.  Here’s her review, along with the poem she references. 

prudencetippinsReturning; A Woman’s Midlife Journey to Herself lays bare the complexity and beauty of the feminine archetype.  Author Lauri Lumby shares her own journey of naiveté, hope, disillusionment, longing, acceptance, wisdom, and empowerment with the courage and revelation only one who has been on this journey can muster.  She dares readers to share in this fearless exploration with writing prompts that invite deep reflection and self-acknowledgment.

Phrases like, “My heart wants peace, 300 year old oak peace,” sing to the soul a song so ancient, we are compelled to respond.  Lauri leads us into the shadows and shows us the light that comes from within.  It is a triumphant journey, and an endless one.

Pick up Returning, a box of crayons, and a big, blank journal, and create a mid-life retreat for yourself.  You will laugh and cry and feel deep gratitude for the guide you hold in your hands, and the one who lives deep in your heart.

-Prudence Tippins, co-author of Two of Us Make a World and author of Faces of the Goddess, and director of the Calliope Center for Reflection and Renewal in Viroqua, Wisconsin.

What My Heart Wants 

My heart wants peace.

300 year old oak peace.

Resilient in the buffeting winds of dysfunction’s storm.

Peace from the ping pong ball battering of another’s chaos.

My heart wants play.

Play for the sake of play, play.

Brightly colored confetti and balloon play.

Daisy, dandelion and cloud pictures

Hula hoop, Chinese jump rope and jacks play.

Roller coasters and hard-pack ice cream

Icees and Pixie Sticks play.

My heart wants purpose.

A reason to be and a reason to live.

Fulfilling and rewarding for me.

Serving the higher good of the all.

My heart wants beauty.

Smiling, generous, vibrant beauty.

Boldly sashaying through the world

for all to see and enjoy.

My heart wants love.

Big Love. Enormous Love.

Love that breathes deeply, filling my entire being

all the way to the earth’s core.

Love that exhales like a red blanket

Holding all the earth in a warm and tender embrace.

Lauri Lumby, author of the soon to be released, Returning-A Woman’s Midlife Journey to Herself. 


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