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Patrick and MeLast night, I began the soft launch of my new blog and website:  BE FIND LOVEHere is the link to the first blog: The Dark Night of the RelationshipWarning:  This new site is rated PG-13.  In order to best serve the needs of its intended readers, this site will be courageouly honest, boldly truth-telling and complete with colorful language.  If you are squeemish about the cold, hard, moist, sexy, exhilarating, terrifying truths about relationship….straight, gay, bi, celibate, with ourselves, eachother and God….then this might not be the blog for you.  If you are willing, however, to delve into the depths of potential in relationship and pick up a few helpful tools and skills along the way, then climb aboard.  We will love seeing you and hearing from you at http://www.befindlove.com 

PS:  The handsome dude in the picture is my amazing brother, Patrick.


Lauri Lumby



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