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Poet Laureate – Bruce Dethlefsen

Today’s Guest Blogger is Wisconsin Poet Laureate (2011-2012) Bruce Dethlefsen.  Bruce  has two chapbooks, A Decent Reed and Something Near the Dance Floor, and his full-length book, Breather, published by Fireweed Press, won an Outstanding Achievement Award in Poetry from the Wisconsin Library Association.  His new book, Unexpected Shiny Things, is published by Cowfeather Press.

Bruce’s poetry has been featured on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac and Your Daily Poem.  A retired educator and public library director, he lives in Westfield, Wisconsin.

Bruce, thank you for your contribution, Wealthy – a terrific reminder of true value in our lives!  You can learn more about Bruce at his website:

Bruce Dethlefsen - Wisconsin Poet Laureate
Bruce Dethlefsen – Wisconsin Poet Laureate



after my reading

a very serious sixth grade girl

asked me if I was wealthy

well I said I have twenty-two

dollars in my wallet right now

my purple truck has two hundred

and thirty-five thousand miles on it

I’m wearing clean and mended clothes

I’ll sleep in a warm bed tonight

I’ve got my health my hands my eyes

my family and friends who love me

and I can come here to sennett middle school

to read poetry to you guys for free

so yes I’m very wealthy

wealthy indeed


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