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A Far Reaching Vision

Are you looking for meaning, purpose or connectedness in your life?  Are you desiring to know yourself, to discover your unique gifts and your contribution in the world?  Do you seek to know your Source, your Origin, where you came from, who made you, how you got here and why?  This blogs for you!

Churches Are Dying

It is unanimous.  Churches….even the mega-non-denominational-evangelical churches are now recognizing it.  (see this article from InternetMonk) Churches are dying.  Of course everyone has their theories as to why this is true.  And this is mine:  Because most churches are not meeting the deepest longing of the human heart which is to:

  • Know ourselves
  • Know God
  • Know our gifts and how we are called to share them in the world.

In other words…..we want meaning and purpose in our lives.  We want connection.  And most importantly…..we want to know LOVE.  And… my personal experience, we do not get any of this through things that come from outside of us such as doctrine, dogma, the Catechism, Canon law, Papal infallibility statements, etc.  The only place we can find ourselves, God and our gifts is INSIDE of us.  While we might recognize the Presence and Action of God in the external circumstances of our lives……and while we might give honor to the God that we know through worship and ritual, we don’t really know God until we experience God in our hearts.  And that only comes from going within.

The Inner Journey

This process of going within, this process that leads us to the answers to the questions of the heart is called Spiritual Formation.  Unlike Religious Formation which teaches doctrine, dogma, laws, morals, rules, history, attempts to define God and to define God’s mind, etc; Spiritual Formation goes straight to our hearts.  Spiritual Formation provides us with the tools through which we are able to come to know ourselves, come to have our own personal experience of God, helps us to identify our gifts and to find healing from the fears and unhealed wounds that would otherwise prevent us from nurturing and sharing our gifts in the world.  Spiritual Formation is healing, empowering, motivating, supportive, honoring, liberating and expansive.  Unlike Religious Formation which is unique to each belief system,  Spiritual Formation is universal.  It doesn’t matter what faith you believe in….or if you even have a faith, every single human being on this planet experiences at some time in their lives, the longing to find meaning, purpose and connectedness.  Spiritual Formation provides the tools for that discovery.

Help for Those Still Searching

The Authentic Freedom process for Spiritual Formation provides a tool that can be accessible to ANYONE and brings people together instead of causing more separation.  As churches are dying and people are wandering around in search of that which will fulfill the longing of their hearts…..Authentic Freedom provides an answer…..or at least a way to get there because ultimately, the answer is within us….just waiting to be made known.  Authentic Freedom provides the tools that help us open to those answers.

The Vision

The vision is this:  Trained Authentic Freedom Facilitators in places all around the world, sharing, facilitating, empowering people with these tools.  I currently have eleven men and women who are standing at the gate ready to start their facilitator’s training.  Once their training is complete and upon our mutual agreement, these facilitators will be empowered to go out into their own communities and share this curriculum with others.  The best thing about all of this is that is fulfills my NUMBER ONE goal as a spiritual teacher and the mantra I have repeated over and over and over in my almost twenty years in ministry:

“I am not here to make more students.  I am here make teachers.”

My Invitation to You

Here is my invitation to you.  If any of the above resonates with you. If you read this and are getting a little flutter in your heart.  If your ears perk up when you contemplate this blog,  consider becoming an Authentic Freedom Facilitator.  For more information on the process and how you might become involved, click HERE.    And……if as you read this your mind is filled with doubts: I don’t know enough.  I don’t have enough background or knowledge in scripture or energy medicine.  I don’t know how to teach.  I am not worthy.  I couldn’t possibly do this.  THEN CALL ME……because chances are if you are having these doubts… really ARE BEING CALLED to consider this opportunity.  🙂

Lauri Lumby

Authentic Freedom Ministries


I am a trained, professional Spiritual Director, Author and Hands-on Healer. I offer services, programs and classes that empower you to hear the voice of the Divine that speaks from within you. It is the voice of the Divine that leads us to our highest truth, to the discovery and cultivation of our gifts and to a life of Authentic Freedom where we know contentment, compassion and joy. Your truth will set you free!